Peshawar police start removing 'drugs, guns and vulgarity' from rickshaws

Published: November 6, 2017


PESHAWAR: The Peshawar traffic police kicked off a 10-day campaign on Monday to remove posters and paintings from rickshaws that glamorize drugs and guns.

Besides, they are also taking down “objectionable” photos of film actors from vehicles.

Rickshaws displaying the posters are being stopped at various thoroughfares. The police said they were asking the drivers to voluntarily remove the posters or face action.

“The campaign is aimed at keeping the community safe from the effects of the gun and drug culture,” said Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Yasir Afridi told The Express Tribune.

“The police are asking drivers to replace such posters with those promoting patriotism or community awareness,” he added.

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The residents have welcomed the campaign. “Posters of actors holding guns or other weapons or using drugs aren’t good for the society,”  said Sarmad Ali, who lives near Abdara Road.


“The culture of guns and drugs should be discouraged,” he added.

Experts too supported the initiative.  Khyber Teaching Hospital’s (KTH) Dr Azaz Jamal, who works at its psychology unit, said exposure to images of guns, drug use or obscenity caused aggressive behaviour.

“It has a negative effect on people, especially children,” he added.

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