No respite in loadshedding, billing for Karachi

Ppi May 23, 2010

KARACHI: Loadshedding of three to four hours and inflated electricity bills have plagued customers of the KESC.

With the rise in heat and humidity, millions of Karachiites are facing immense problems due to loadshedding.

Load shedding is not only affecting routine daily life but is also seriously affecting the livelihood of people, small and large businesses, as well as the industrial sector.

Sources claim KESC has adequate power generation capacity to cater to the needs of Karachi, but the company has resorted to loadshedding in order to reduce the cost of buying furnace oil to run power generation units at full capacity.

Citizens have also strongly criticized KESC for sending them inflated average bills instead of issuing bills as per actual meter reading.

They said they also have to pay collection charges, which is an unfair system as bill collection is the responsibility of the utility company and not the consumers. They said the other utility companies like the SSGC do not send their bills on average basis, but strictly follow the meter reading. These companies also do not shift the burden of collection charges to their customers.

Consumers say when they do not use electricity for 3 to 6 hours daily due to loadshedding and power outages, their monthly bills should be reduced and not enhanced.

The citizens have requested the government, consumer rights bodies, pro-people political parties, and judiciary to take notice of the injustices meted out to them in the shape of average billing, regular load shedding and extortion of collections charges.


Zubair | 12 years ago | Reply Just to get some facts straight. Furnace oil costs Rs.19/unit whereas electricity is sold at an average of Rs.7/unit. If all of KESC's generating units operate (many on furnace oil) the company might go bankrupt and I am sure that is in no one's favour. The private management of KESC has already invested $450 million starting Sep. 2008. Other projects worth more than $500 million are ongoing. Thisd info is publically available on web sites and newspapers. Please go and live in Punjab for a month, bear the 10 to 12 hours of un-announced loadshedding and you will realize why KESC is better off in the private sector
Nabeel | Create Your First Website | 12 years ago | Reply @Tanveer I absolutely agree with you. In 21st century when other nations are doing well in scientific inventions, we Pakistanis have to still deal with load shedding/electricity, which is a basic necessity. This is destroying the business sector in Pakistan (are we sure its not a conspiracy?). The thing which most bugs me and which I hate the most is that why is KESC getting away with all this? It is not even a defend able problem, they are saving furnace oil and not upgrading their years old system!
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