Android creator's Essential smartphone reduces price by $200

Published: October 23, 2017
Essential smartphone gets a price cut PHOTO: ESSENTIAL

Essential smartphone gets a price cut PHOTO: ESSENTIAL

Android creator Andy Rubin launched a new high-end smartphone to take on tech giants Apple and Samsung earlier in May 2017.

The Essential smartphone that was initially priced at $699 when announced has now reduced its price by $200 drastically making the new price of the smartphone, affordable and relatively cheaper at $499.

The announcement was made in a blog post.

Android co-founder launches smartphone to compete with iPhone, Galaxy S8

Prices of Android phones have been known to reduce gradually but this drop is seen as a sign that the phone isn’t doing well in the market. Of course, Essential doesn’t see it that way and calls the aggressive drop in price a “massive campaign to attract attention.”

That’s not where it ends though; the loyal customers who did manage to buy the phone at its original price of $699 win themselves an essential store code called “friends and family code.”

Essential Products unveiled its first smartphone that combines some of the best specs from major mobile phone makers into one device. The Essential Phone features edge-to-edge bezel-less displays similar to what we saw on the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

This new smartphone may give Apple and Samsung a reason to worry

The display shows that Essential aims to compete with tech giant Samsung which also went down the minimal bezel path with the S8.

Needless to say, Rubin and team have kept their word by launching software updates time-to-time but that has clearly not fallen in their favour.

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