‘Scripted story’: Gabol’s son dismisses Uzair’s revelations

Published: October 13, 2017


Nadir Gabol, son of PPP leader Nabeel Gabol, has dismissed the recent revelations by the Lyari gang-war kingpin Uzair Jan Baloch and said that ‘non-political forces’ are behind Baloch’s claims that he had links with top PPP leaders, including Asif Ali Zardari and his sister.

In a statement on Thursday, Nadir claimed that in his ‘so-called’ revelations, Uzair did not mention Zulfiqar Mirza, the former home minister of Sindh and the PPP’s estranged leader, who was Baloch’s ‘real godfather’.

“Mirza proudly and publicly referred to Uzair as his brother and owned the now-defunct Peoples Amn Committee.  So, the obvious question is why is Mirza not part of Uzair’s JIT confessions? The answer too is obvious… Uzair is the latest tool being used in the script against PPP and its leadership,” he said.

Referring to the past history of Lyari and his family’s political role in the area, Nadir claimed that it was the PPP and his father, Nabeel Gabol, who started an operation against criminal elements in the impoverished locality.

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In a bid to justify the photographs of the PPP leaders with the gangster, Nadir said in 2013, when the PPP once again swept the elections in Lyari, a celebratory dinner was held with several PPP leaders including Faryal Talpur in attendance.

“It was not uncommon for Uzair to be seen at social gatherings in Lyari including meeting with celebrities. [However] Uzair’s presence at the dinner caused great unrest and shock amongst the PPP leaders who had now decided to eliminate Uzair and his gang… once and for all,” he claimed.

He said the ‘curious case of Uzair Baloch’ seemed to be the latest attempt at the PPP’s character assassination ‘in the guise of accountability’. “The fact remains, though, that Lyari is PPP’s stronghold and always will be. Not even dictators such as Zia-ul-Haq could remove Bhutto from Lyari,” he added.

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