Man reciting Biblical verses terrifies train passengers in Britain

Scare caused passengers to force open train doors to escape

News Desk October 04, 2017
Armed police officers walk through a carriage of a London underground tube train at Parsons Green station in London, Britain September 15, 2017. PHOTO: REUTERS/Hannah McKay

Panic spread in a train during rush hour in Wimbledon as a passenger began reciting lines from the Bible, frightening commuters.

The Monday morning scare caused passengers to force open the train doors to escape. Trains on the course were interrupted for almost 12 hours and the rail power lines were cut as commuters ‘self-evacuated’, according to the British Transport Police.

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The train had been on the route between Shepperton and Waterloo. British Transport Police said no one had been arrested and there had been no injuries.

A bystander narrated that the man was asked to stop speaking “as he was scaring people” and that “the guy stopped and stood there with his head down”.

According to Richmond and Twickenham Times, the man was reciting a Biblical passage concerning homosexuality and sex outside marriage being a sin. Several people have tweeted about the incident, some bringing out its humourous side.

One user quipped, “If you're going to read your bible in the train, don't read it aloud. Although the same applies to any book really.”

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Right wing columnists took it as a sign of Britain gone soft, and complained of double standards regarding religious tolerance.

British political activist, Raheem Kassam, tweeted, “Brits are now scared of people reading the Bible on a train. But query your local mosque and your a “racist”.

This story originally appeared on the Independent.


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