No UK hotel refused PIA accommodation

Published: September 25, 2017

The PIA spokesman has strongly denied a news story appearing in the online edition of The Express Tribune stating that a hotel in the UK had denied accommodation to PIA staff.

PIA clarifies it has a hotel service agreement with “a fine hotel” in Birmingham since September 2017 and continues to use its services to the satisfaction of both parties. However, PIA had a temporary arrangement with another hotel in Birmingham for three months prior to September 2017.

Due to temporary closure of a hotel with which an earlier agreement existed, in June 2017 PIA acquired the services of another hotel for three months from June to August before going for a formal agreement with a new “renowned hotel” as per airline requirements and it is continuing with the same hotel on a long-term basis.

The spokesman also questions why a “better hotel” was willing to sign an agreement with PIA if a lesser one had problems with airline staff using its facilities.

The spokesman also regrets that PIA was not contacted for comment before the story was run.

He adds that no PIA cabin crew has been involved in any misbehaviour with hotel staff, but after the report, an investigation was carried out and the staff was found to have done nothing wrong.

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