Former One Direction member receives 'a series of death threats'

Published: September 10, 2017


Former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has reportedly received a series of death threats.

The 25-year-old singer has handed the messages over to the police department here after he was warned his family would be skinned and turned into “bed sheets”, reports Female First.

Tomlinson, who has 19-month-old son Freddie with his former girlfriend Briana Jungwirth, first started receiving the text messages and pornographic images through WhatsApp. The messages were being sent from three separate numbers.

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One of the messages read, “Louis I’ll skin your whole family including you and turn you all into bedsheets, pillow cases, and a queen size blanket”.

Tomlinson responded to one of the offensive messages to discourage the sender, but it didn’t make any difference and that is when the singer took it to the police.

Tomlinson and his attorney Blair Berk have met with officers in person to discuss the abusive messages, with the singer believing that a female American between the age of 18 and 25 is behind them.

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Unfortunately, Tomlinson isn’t the first One Direction member to receive death threats.

In 2015, Harry Styles was the recipient of a chilling death threat that warned something would happen to him during a One Direction concert in New Jersey. The individual in the case tweeted, “I Made This Account To Let Everyone Know That Harry Styles Will Die, August 5th 2015, At MetLife Stadium.”

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