Parliamentary committee: Drone strikes to top security panel’s agenda

Legislators to meet on April 19; Balochistan unrest also on agenda .

Express April 15, 2011


Amid widening differences between Pakistan and the US over drone attacks in tribal areas, a meeting of the parliamentary committee on national security has been called on April 19.

Led by Mian Raza Rabbani, the minister for inter-provincial coordination, the parliamentary committee having representatives from all parties will also review progress on the implementation of the 14-point anti-terrorism resolution passed in October 2008.

Stopping US drone attacks in tribal areas and initiating dialogue with militants were among the main recommendations of the resolution drafted by this parliamentary panel.

After passing the resolution, a special committee was constituted to monitor the implementation of the points. Component parties represented in the committee, mainly the opposition parties, have been criticising the government for not implementing the resolution.

Pakistan had reacted sharply against some recent drone attacks and it is pressing the US to review what is considered a tacit understanding between the intelligence agencies of the two countries.

Military and civil authorities strongly protested against a drone attack on March 17 that killed over 40 people, mostly civilians and police, in North Waziristan. Pakistan also protested against Wednesday’s drone strike that killed six suspected militants in South Waziristan. Intelligence officials said the dead belonged to the Haqqani Network, an al Qaeda-allied group run by veteran Afghan warlord Sirajuddin Haqqani and based in North Waziristan.

The law and order situation prevailing in the country, especially the unrest in Balochistan, is also likely to figure in the April 19 meeting.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 15th,  2011.


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Hedgefunder | 10 years ago | Reply @Eg: No Its a Policy issue from Bush admin, not mine ! Well technology is still the best in the world, i assure you! if it was'nt than your GHQ would not be chasing it at every given chance! To get their hands on it, which thank god they have not managed and will never manage as USA will never trust them with it!!! Its not the Drones that is the problem! Its the intel and feedback that Your own lot provide or pass on that is the problem here!! Wake up ! look around you and see what your Army and Intelligence agency are doing first!!!!! Then perhaps we can discuss the bigger picture!!!!
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