Facebook bows down

Express May 21, 2010


Facebook is considering censoring objectionable content in Pakistan while also making objectionable content inaccessible in Pakistan.

In an emailed statement, Facebook authorities have announced that they will take appropriate actions with regards to objectionable content. Facebook has additionally said that they are analysing the situation and legal considerations for appropriate action to be taken to control the situation.

In yet antother development, US cartoonist has tendered apology for blasphemous sketches on Facebook.


ak khan | 13 years ago | Reply we should support the block … i mean even countries like china has it blocked ….. i was very angered when i read this article … please … read it … it just might make u think… http://propakistani.pk/2010/05/23/one-facebook-two-faces-one-is-real-ugly/
just another brick in the wall | 13 years ago | Reply @people against the ban You lot dont get it do you? The only reason for you being against this ban is that you are so addicted to this thing that you can bear evn ure own self being made fun of (which is nothing as compared to the current situation). Who are you to praise the west for not having laws that your country has when you use the same "green" passport to represent yourself before tryin for western nationalities? Just grow up a bit and try to understand your religion and respect it rather than wastin tyme on these websites fr posting ur meaningless statusses. Now thats what i call bein' naive!
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