12 of the most shocking and satisfying moments from ‘Game of Thrones’ finale

Spoiler alert...duh!

Amna Hashmi August 28, 2017

Talk about epic! The finale for this year’s Game of Thrones has given fans a great deal to chew on until the show returns in 2019. In true Westerosi fashion, Dragon and the Wolf delivered one blow after another, before finally ending on perhaps the greatest wall-hanger (pun intended) in television history. As compiled from Elle UK, here are some of the most shocking, important and satisfying things that happened in the finale.

The many, many reunions


Tyrion, Jorah, Jon, Missandei, The Hound and Davos meet Bronn, Brienne and Podrick on the way to the Dragonpit. It's extremely complicated, because these people have all helped or hindered each other at some point in the previous seasons.

Remember how Brienne left The Hound a pulp in their fight over Arya? "I thought you were dead," she says to him upon first sight but then proceeds to inform him Arya is still alive. Are you going to pretend it wasn’t super to see the two warriors become friends again?

Then there's Tyrion and Bronn. "It's good to see you again," Tyrion tells his former champion. "Yeah, you too," Bronn replies in his signature, cool-boy manner. And how can we miss the meaningful glance exchanged between Jaime and Brienne right before Cersei notices it, with a slight snarl on her face?

But perhaps the best of were the happy family reunions: The Clegane brothers, Euron and Theon Greyjoy, Cersei and Tyrion. Is it just us or are things getting hot in here?

Cersei, Jaime take Daenerys, Jon on a double date

When Daenerys sweeps in on Drogon a little later than expected, Cersei is fuming. "We've been here for some time," she says and our girl Dany’s just like, “Real queens don't arrive on time, Cersei!”

Cersei goes ‘wight’ in the face


When Jon’s honourable speech fails to persuade the Queen Regent to join the fight against the Army of the Dead, Tyrion throws in the googly: that noisy little bag of bones they call a wight. When she sees it, Cersei is evidently shaken, especially when The Hound slashes it but it just keeps on crawling around. Talk about freaky!

Oh Jon, chill out already

Weirdly, Cersei redeems herself, albeit temporarily. "The crown accepts truce. Until the dead are defeated, they are the true enemy," she says. But there’s a catch: she wants Jon to refrain from picking sides. "I've already pledged myself to Daenerys of House Targaryen," he says ‘cause apparently, there was no other, better time for him to bend the knee (read profess his love for Dany). Really, has being in the North frozen his brain cells?

The Lannisters gave us #familygoals

Would it really be Cersei if she didn’t hit it where it hurts? "She's your type of woman. A foreigner who doesn't know her place,” she says to Tyrion, referencing his slain lady-love Shae. But gobsmackingly, she doesn’t tell The Mountain to take him down. Is she not as dead inside as we thought?

Oh and apparently, she's in on the whole Us-Against-White Walkers thing. Where is the real Cersei, people?!

Theon proves he isn’t totally useless


This poor little Greyjoy has been having an identity crisis since, like, season one. “Greyjoy or Stark? Stark or Greyjoy?” he asks Jon who’s just standing there brooding like, “Bro, I've got bigger fish to fry.”

So for once, Theon decides to take matters in his own hands, confront the Ironborne and go save his sister Yara. Oh and he also beats one of them to death. The boy is back in the game!

The Starks give us more #familygoals


Sansa and Arya basically give Littlefinger the finger. "You are on trial for murder and treason… Lord Baelish," Sansa intones. "I'm a bit confused," stutters slimy Baelish, the sneakiest man in Westeros. But the Stark sisters ain’t got no time for that!

"You murdered our aunt, you conspired to kill Jon Arryn," Sansa reminds him. "You conspired with Cersei Lannister and Joffrey Baratheon to betray our father Ned Stark." Yep, she’s come prepared.

Bran also chimes in with his Three-Eyed Raven, psychic thing. "I'm a slow learner but I learn," adds Sansa, prompting Littlefinger to profess his undying love for her whilst whimpering like a kitten." In swoops Arya with the dagger and SCORE!

Cersei and Jamie go on a break


It’s like a bulb lights up in Jamie’s pretty head. Has he finally realised his sister/lover/mother of his dead children/ mother of his unborn child is a death wish in human form, so not really ‘the one?’ Who knows! But he sure beats Sansa in the slow-learner category.

As we expected, Cersei has just been toying with Jamie all this time. "I always knew you were the stupidest Lannister," she tells him. Damn, queenie! That heartbreak will take a while to get over.

Attention, math geeks: R+L = J

In his warmest welcome to anyone yet, Bran meets Samwell Tarly, who is extremely chuffed. "I remember everything; I'm the Three-Eyed Raven," he boasts though sweet old Sam doesn’t know what that means."

But that’s not important. Since we know both Bran and Sam possess pieces of a puzzle we've wanted to put together for eons, these pleasantries feel futile. Thankfully, they get down to business quickly. They put two and two together and decide to tell Jon he's the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark and not illegitimate after all. "Robert's rebellion was built on a lie," Bran states cryptically.

Gosh, wish Rhaegar and Lyanna had been a bit more forthcoming with wedding invites…

Jon and Dany become the new Ross and Rachel


We still haven’t decided how we feel about this but it was a long time coming. Wasn’t it obvious when the prettiest maiden in Westeros first locked eyes with its most eligible bachelor back in episode four? It was just a matter of time till their coy interactions turned into something more.

The Wall comes tumbling down

Yikes! Ice Viserion has sprung into action and it’s spectacular and terrifying at the same time. If you thought you were over Game of Thrones CGI set pieces, you are wrong. The newly-resurrected dragon basically melts the wall to pieces, leaving Eastwatch open to the Army of the Dead. Someone get us a safety blanket….winter has finally come!

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