Taylor Swift's new song embodies her intense transformation

Published: August 25, 2017

“I trust nobody and nobody trusts me, I’ll be the actess starring in your bad dreams,” are the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s new song, Look What You Made Me Do, embodying the singers personality transformation.

The pop star has been making headlines for quite some time now -first for her sudden social media black-out and then for teasing fans with snippets from tracks taken from her upcoming album Reputation. The first song of the album is out and it is rather non-Taylor-like to say the least.

Taylor Swift goes blank on social media, sending fans into frenzy

Watch the video here:

Back-track eight years, the cheerful tunes of Love Story and You Belong With Me that garnered immense popularity and turned Taylor into a star overnight, are now certainly things of the past.

The optimistic, light-hearted lyrics of those tracks stand as polar opposites to this dark, grim video and thought-provoking lyrics.

While we’re still figuring out the theme of the song, the public image of the music sensation has long been one of her favourite topics with lyricism that takes on the perceptions of her in the media. Looks like Taylor was serious with her decision of deleting her ‘past’ off social media and bringing on a radical transformation. Given the grim, cynical lyrics, turning over a new leaf is not quite the expression that describes this change best.

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Expectantly, this choice of exploring new genres and bizarre themes has not been sitting well with fans and they storm Taylor’s twitter with trolls of disapproval. Here are a few reactions:


They even make fun of the lyrics.


Whether the other songs of the album will radiate more positive energy and garner approval – or receive just as much flak as this one is something only time can tell.

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