Lady Gaga's song gets Bollywood twist

Gaga will also release an urban-desi version of the song for Britain's South Asian market.

Ians April 13, 2011

NEW DELHI: Lady Gaga's hit single, Born This Way, has got a desi twist as Bollywood composers Salim-Suleiman add a sitar intro and dhol beats to her vocals for the special remix.

The latest version of the song has been produced by media company Desi Hits.

Gaga will also release an urban-desi version of the song for Britain's South Asian market. Created and produced by Culture Shock, this particular version of Born this way fuses bhangra with elements of dubstep.

"Gaga has truly fallen in love with India, so we're helping her pursue this audience to authentically connect with both the huge diaspora and South Asia itself. The debut of these remixed tracks is step one," Anjula Acharia-Bath CEO of Desi Hits, said in a press statement.

"We collaborated with Indian music producers from across the globe to show our respect and appreciation for our desi fans and music community. We're looking forward to more desi collaborations in the near future," Troy Carter, CEO-Atom Factory, Lady Gaga's management company, said in a press statement.


Giri | 10 years ago | Reply She is zillions times better than a fanatical SB.
Purple One | 10 years ago | Reply She's another 'manufactured' pop-icon, who tries to disguise her lack of talent by being 'shocking', 'controversial' and 'provocative'. Lady Gaga needs to be seen as slightly controversial. I think even she knows that she was never going to make it on talent alone, so needs every bit of press comment she can get. Her song "Born This Way." is allegedly, a ripoff of a Carl Bean song, who has a song also named "Born This Way," with strikingly similar lyrics. Industry insiders, say the song is also a ripoff of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" and bears a auditory resemblance to Madonna's "Express Yourself," Let's hope that if Lady Gaga wins an award in India, she does not wear an animal carcass wrapped around her body or fall over, revealing her most intimate parts (something she does quite often) when she goes on stage, there will be an awful lot of offended Indians.
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