Banned: Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia... Google?

Express May 20, 2010

KARACHI: Online sources confirmed on Thursday night that search engine Google was blocked on some ISPs in Pakistan during the day.

After the Lahore High Court ordered the PTA to shut down Facebook on Wednesday, reports have been coming in on Twitter of "Access Denied" messages when trying to open Google.

While there is no official confirmation regarding a block on Google, the PTA claims up to 450 websites posting blasphemous material have been blocked so far. The PTA has also encouraged the general public to report any such sites at a toll free number and via email, which may be the cause behind other popular sites being banned.

Earlier, the PTA also shut down YouTube and Wikipedia, an action which drew mixed reactions from the public.


CAz | 13 years ago | Reply Well here We Go.. once Again Pakistan Manages To make A mockery of Itself on The World Stage... And Its People Mislead In the Name Of The Holy Cause... ...In No Way Do i..Support The Blasphemous Materials.. Freedom Of Speech... Is Just An Excuse Here To Ridicule Muslims... but ..You Cant Give Someone Death Threats..(Given To Comedy Central Producers) And Not Expect Them To Retaliate.. Why Are Other muslim Nations Silent Cause They have Common Sense..Unlike Us Paki,s Sadly... Ask Yourselves What Channel Banned Bollywood When they Were using Our Gods Name In Their songs Not A Single One.. People just Play on Their Hatred... Its A Stupid Decision To Ban Facebook... Youtube And Wikipedia... people should Have Enough Sense To Boycott Such things... What Muslim Would Even Open the Page With the Blasphmous Material.. once again how Stupid Can We Get... and Muslim Power..u Gotta Be Kidding Me... We Are Not Even United How can u Estabilish Muslim Power.. We Are Miles Behind Europe And The US.. Even Behind African Countries Such As Nigeria...In Pakistan We Dont Have The Basic Necessities Of life... Sure you Can Dream Of Muslim Powers in your Sleep.... Wake Up People God Wants Spiritual truth Not Fake Religious minds
Asad | 13 years ago | Reply Wikipedia is working now.
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