British Muslim imams to form council for progressive image of Islam in UK

Council to staunchly speak against ‘regressive cultural practices’, ‘honour killings’, terming them unIslamic

News Desk August 19, 2017
The council is set to staunchly speak against ‘regressive cultural practices’ and ‘honor killings’ and term them against Islam. PHOTO: REUTERS

British Muslim Imams are planning to start a council representing Muslims living in Britain to issue edicts on issues like terrorism, LGBTQ rights and climate change.

The council will be the first such central committee of Muslims scholars to address issues affecting the community and Islam’s progressive image in Britain.

The council is set to staunchly speak against ‘regressive cultural practices’ and ‘honour killings’ and term them against Islam.

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Muslims lack an established structure in Britain that can represent them and the religion as most of the mosques in the country operate independently. Chief imam of the Makkah Mosque in Leeds, Qari Asim, says that now many Muslims are asking for a collective leadership.

“There’s a lack of an authoritative public voice to speak out on issues such as terrorism and Islamophobia,” he said. Asim said the young generation of British Muslims “wants to see more clarity.”

The Islamic scholar says that leaders from the British Muslim Forum and Imams Online are trying to setup the board to work on interpreting theology differently and correctly.

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Asim also has categorically condemned the recent Barcelona attack and termed it as 'depraved'.

The progressive imam said: “The board must take a progressive stance that is in line with Islamic principles and embedded in a British context. For instance, Islam strictly prohibits ‘honour killings’ and forced marriages, and how misogynistic cultures have disempowered women.

“The board must also champion and be proactive on issues that affect the Muslim community as much as the remainder of the community, for example climate change and taboo issues such as mental health and obesity.”

He further added that the council which is in the pipeline could insist that gay Muslims “should not be persecuted or ostracised”.

Th article originally appeared on Russia Today


Rizwan | 4 years ago | Reply Being gay isn't a 'lifestyle', it is a form of mental disorder. This progressive iman talks nonsense and bows down before disgusting parasits. Really sad.
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