6 things to keep in mind before your next hair appointment

Published: August 20, 2017


The man behind the luxury Beverly Hills celebrity salon Rossano Feretti Hairspa has highlighted the mistakes you might be making in the chair.

Accumulated from Harper’s Bazaar, here are the six things you need to remember:

1. Ask for something that will work for your hair type.

“Women should focus on unique beauty and their daily routine. And make sure to have time for a real consultation with their stylist,” shares Feretti.

2. Consider your lifestyle when choosing the haircut.

The celebrity hair-stylist puts emphasis on how important it is to have the correct style to match your daily needs. “That is a key point and it’s a definite must to respect the hair. It’s not only respect of its texture and its natural movement but also respect in terms of what a woman does every day and how she likes to wear her hair. Creating a tailor-made made cut means freedom of daily choice to every client.”

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3. Bring pictures for reference.

“The purpose is not to copy a style or a cut, but women use a different language to the specific and technical language of hairstylists. Images always help the stylist to better understand what a woman is asking for,” he further advises.

4. Don’t focus too much on your face shape

“It’s an important part but every hairstyle must be in harmony with the person in general, not just their face shape,” expresses Ferretti.

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5. Mention previous issues

If you’ve had cut or/and colour problems in the past, it’s probably wise to reveal them to the hairdresser. “Proper communication between stylist and clients is crucial to help to keep their relationship alive, ” shares the stylist.

6. Don’t get a fringe without seeking advice.

A fringe simply won’t look good on everyone. “There are some specific situations where a fringe is not recommended. Mostly, with a small forehead where the hairline and eyebrows are close together. Another situation is with curly hair or when the hairline texture makes a natural hair separation because in this case the daily maintenance would be very difficult,” Feretti advises.

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