5 reasons why She Loves Tech will change Pakistani lives

This August 19, Top 10 women led startups will change dynamics of entrepreneurship in Pakistan through She Loves Tech

August 17, 2017
Sadaffe Abid, co-founder of CIRCLE, speaking about women leadership PHOTO: propakistani.pk

Are you a tech enthusiast? Are you for women empowerment? Are you anxious to see Pakistan win a global tech competition? Well then, August just got way more exciting for you!

CIRCLE, a social enterprise working for women’s economic empowerment, presents She Loves Tech, the first ever global startup competition that encourages technology by women, for women. The winning female-led tech startup of She Loves Tech Pakistan will fly to China to compete against the winners from seven other countries, namely China, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore and the Zionist Regime!

She Loves Tech Pakistan shall be held on August 19 from 3pm to 6pm at JS Auditorium, IBA City Campus, Karachi. The Top 10 startups that shall compete have already been selected.

Here are five reasons why you have to, have to, register for She Loves Tech Pakistan!

It’s patriot time!

Independence Day comes around and you spend the day listening to nationalist songs and eating halwa puri. The songs have left you feeling extremely patriotic and all that halwa has energised you, so now you can’t wait to do something for Pakistan. So come attend She Loves Tech Pk to support Pakistan’s startups and become an active member of its entrepreneurial ecosystem. These women-led Top 10 startups have harnessed the power of tech to solve the issues Pakistanis face in medicine, accommodation, education and more. Let’s show them we love them for taking up this burden and will support them all the way to the global round in China!

All hail the entrepreneurship gurus

Want to advance your own business? Or perhaps you are thinking of starting one? Where else could you find better mentorship than at She Loves Tech Pakistan! The event will be judged by tech veterans and entrepreneurial experts such as Dr Zakiuddin Ahmed (president Open Karachi), Yusuf Jan (founder TRAFiX LLC), Ayesha Khan (Associate Director for Portfolio, Acumen) and Humayun Bashir (former CEO IBM). This is a great opportunity to learn from these judges as they question the Top 10 on their business plans and marketing strategies. You can even catch these judges during the networking break!

Is the next Apple hiding in plain sight?

Hmm. If it is, chances are it will show up at She Loves Tech Pakistan! Whether you’re an investor searching for a promising business to invest in or an aspiring entrepreneur looking for inspiration, IBA City Campus is the place to be on August 19 – where else could you see Pakistan’s top female entrepreneurial talent all in one place! Come get a piece of the action, or regret it later!

What’s a Karachi event without entertainment?

Three hours of startup pitches and speeches could bore the daylights out of anyone. Don’t worry! CIRCLE has some groovy live entertainment planned just for you. Get ready to be blown away by Ata-ur-Rehman’s mad beatboxing skills, and Zareen Rehan’s mesmerising vocalism. Check them out on Facebook if you don’t believe us!

Even Wonder Woman has men as allies

Whoever said men and women are wheels of the same car was onto something. But while women have always stood by men, men are only now beginning to return the favour. So let’s stick by the women around us during their struggle! It’s a win-win situation: when women grow, families and nations progress.

So let’s see men and families at She Loves Tech Pakistan as they cheer on these strong women in tech!

In case you’re wondering why all the hype about the Top 10 startups, take a peek below at how they are changing Pakistan for the better. Which one do you think will win?

1. doctHERs

From telemedicine and EMR to digital payments to e-prescriptions, doctHERs digitises the entire healthcare value chain to improve quality and reduce cost, especially in rural areas. It provides you with 24/7 access to leading specialists and consultants through the simple convenience of a smart-phone!

Core team at Dotchters Left to right: HINA HINA FAROOQUI AYESHA ARSHAD ALYZEH SOHAIL Core team at doctHERsLeft to right:  Hina Farooqui,Ayesha Arshad, Alyzeh Sohail

2. meraPaisa

meraPaisa is a Mobile Wallet that facilitates low-income groups, especially women, to gain financial independence through digital payments. meraPaisa transforms people into businesses in 60 seconds!

Samar Hasan, founder of meraPaisa Samar Hasan, founder of meraPaisa

3. Sehat Kahani

Sehat Kahani features a wide range of ICT-enabled health services including telemedicine, health education and promotion, health market research and solutions for gender adversity in the health sector in rural and low income urban communities. It aims to provide a basic health unit to each underprivileged area across Pakistan.

Dr Sara Saeed Khurram, founder of Sehat Kahani Dr Sara Saeed Khurram, founder of Sehat Kahani

4. trashIt

trashIt has created an economical automated composting bin that provides users with a hassle-free composting experience. With trashIt, your organic waste goes from trash to fertiliser without ever leaving the bin!

Anusha Fatima founder of trashIt Anusha Fatima, founder of trashIt

5. She’Kab

She’Kab is Pakistan’s first shared taxi service for women. The ride is shared with at least three other women en-route to a drop-off location in the same vicinity. Safe commuting is now possible for women in Islamabad and Rawalpindi!

Hira Rizvi' founder of She'Kab Hira Rizvi, founder of She'Kab

Ali Haider, co-founder of She'Kab Ali Haider, co-founder of She'Kab

6. Qayaam

Qayaam is normalising the paying-guest culture in Pakistan with legal and secured renting services. Book a residence and have a safe stay. Rent out your free space, or move in with great people with Qayaam!

Rubab Zahra founder of Qayaam Rubab Zahra, founder of Qayaam

7. Kafayak

Kafayak is building secured peer-to-peer banking (lending and borrowing) via ROSCA. No more trips to the bank: now save efficiently through financial technology!

Miriam Mehdi founder of Kafayak Miriam Mehdi, founder of Kafayak


EDVON works towards revolutionising the education system by developing and teaching an easily accessible robotics curriculum for all K-12 schools. The academia can now provide state-of-the-art education through modular robots as early as school level.

Faiza Sabir of Evlon Faiza Sabir, marketing head at Evlon

9. Aurat Raaj

Aurat Raaj is the first digital content platform that provides education, guidance, inspiration and support to Pakistani women. Women can now get educational and social advice from a chatbot called Raaji!

Saba Khalid, founder of Aurat Raaj Saba Khalid, founder of Aurat Raaj

10. Journal Post

Journal Post is a news portal which serves as a brilliant and handy fusion of News and E-commerce. This one of a kind amalgamation makes sure users don’t waste time or effort as they search for products, or news!

Hafsah Haq, COO of Journal Post Hafsah Haq, COO of Journal Post


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