Which of these 'Game of Thrones' characters are most likely to betray their king or queen?

Loyalty is rare find in Westeros

Entertainment Desk August 13, 2017

Needless to say things are really heating up on Game of Thrones!
With only three weeks left to one of the most highly-anticipate season finales for HBO’s superhit fantasy drama, fans have been able to focus on little else. Theories and GoT spoilers have taken over social media and we’re hardly surprised, considering how each episode of the current season has had us literally on the edge of our seats.

A game of thrones in Pakistan's dynastic politics

But if there is anything we’ve learnt from GoT, it’s that even with all seven kingdoms on the line, loyalty is a rare find in Westeros. Whether it's a blood-thirsty queen seeking allies or a new leader who will stop at nothing to win, it can be hard to follow through on one's promise of allegiance, especially with matters of the heart involved.

To make things simpler for you, here is a low-down on - as compiled from Good Morning America – of which characters are most likely to turn their backs on their king or queen. We can’t wait to find out if we’re right or not!

Tyrion Lannister


Tyrion and Jaime have always been close, and when Jaime charged at Daenerys in episode four, the queen's hand muttered, "Flee, you idiot!" He evidently still cares for his brother and that could cause hesitation on his part to serve Daenerys wholeheartedly.

Not to mention, Jaime let Tyrion go when he was facing certain death. It will only be natural for him to repay the favour. He will also try to convince Jaime that their sister Cersei doesn't have his best interests at heart.

Jaime Lannister


Talking about Tyrion leads us to Jaime. Cersei already said she would reward Euron Greyjoy if he delivered revenge for her, which he did. That didn't go over so well with Jaime, and furthermore, he now knows Tyrion did not kill his late son King Joffrey, thanks to Olenna Tyrell’s last-minute confession. Could that be ammunition for Jaime to turn his back on his love?

Euron Greyjoy


This guy is a complete wildcard: violent, blood thirsty and bordering on psychotic. He could well turn on Cersei if she keeps rebuffing his advances. What if the handsome reward she promised was nothing he wants? This loose cannon seems like it could explode anytime!



Yes, yes…We realise this is a long shot but hear us out. Missandei may be Daenerys' right-hand but she's also in love with Grey Worm, who was stuck at Casterly Rock.

What if the Targaryen queen suddenly decides that she no longer needs the Unsullied and can win the throne without Grey Worm? That might cause Missandei to equivocate.

Sansa Stark


Remember the end of season six, when Littlefinger attempts to get inside Sansa’s head and sway her loyalty to her brother Jon Snow, the king in the North?

Time and again, he has implied that perhaps Sansa should be the rightful heir of the North and not “Ned Stark’s bastard.” Maybe Littlefinger might finally get under her skin. Maybe a power-hungry Sansa will stop supporting Jon and try to take over as leader, with Littlefinger’s army behind her?

Of course, this theory would be incomplete without mentioning another, very popular one: that Jon is actually the son of a Targaryen. If this ends up being true, the dynamic between Jon and Sansa could be in serious jeopardy. They’d be cousins and not brother and sister, like everyone else thought. And again, Littlefinger may use this information to convince Sansa to take over. After all, she was already running the show at Winterfell while Jon was in Dragonstone.

What do you think? Is their any merit to any of these stories?

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