Delta airlines fights back a traveller's tweetstorm after her seat mix-up

Published: July 17, 2017


Delta Airlines has aptly hit back at a “public attack” on its workers and customers by an American conservative social and political commentator, Ann Coulter.

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Ann took to social media and posted a never-ending series of tweets brimming with rage after a seat mix-up she experienced over the weekend.

She questioned why the Wi-Fi was not working and how the airline ‘sucks’.

Ann shamed the woman who was given her seat as well, saying:

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Delta clapped back and responded to the tweets in a detailed statement:

“We are sorry that the customer did not receive the seat she reserved and paid for. More importantly, we are disappointed that the customer has chosen to publicly attack our employees and other customers by posting derogatory and slanderous comments and photos in social media. Her actions are unnecessary and unacceptable.

Each of our employees is charged with treating each other as well as our customers with dignity and respect. And we hold each other accountable when that does not happen.

Delta expects mutual civility throughout the entire travel experience.

“We will refund Ms Coulter’s $30 for the preferred seat on the exit row that she purchased.”

Twitter backed up Delta’s reply and shared mutual feelings about Ann’s unacceptable commentary

The airline further said while there was some confusion over seating assignments initially, all passengers complied with a flight attendant’s request to move to the seats listed on their ticket.

It was only when Coulter began tweeting on Saturday that Delta became aware of the issue, the airline added.

The story originally appeared on Buzz Feed.

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  • Khan muhammad
    Jul 17, 2017 - 8:05PM

    Well at least Ann got a seat. On a recent trip to Dubai via Fly Dubai, despite being 2 hours early I was denied entry because the flight was full to capacity. I was also not refunded and apologized to. I guess that’s what comes with being a Pakistani citizen. Recommend

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