The verdict is in: THIS is the best time of the day to post on Instagram

Published: July 15, 2017


Is there really a best time in the day to post on Instagram so your photos and videos get more views, likes, and comments? Figuring this out can be a little tricky. First of all, since Instagram is primarily accessed via a mobile device, users can take a quick glance at their Instagram feed any time they want from almost anywhere. Posting, viewing, and interaction habits tend to be quite different on Insta as compared to other social networks, making it slightly harder to pinpoint when users are most active, reports Lifewire.

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Time zone differences can help you figure out your own best time to post on Instagram. If you’ve got followers or a target audience from all over the world, then posting at specific times of the day may not get you the same results as if you had followers who mostly all live around the same time zone. Another factor to keep in mind is making sure you pay close attention to any increase in interaction when you post at certain times of day. No matter what the research says or what the experts tell you about optimal times and days to post, what ultimately matters is the behaviour of your own followers.

Despite all these diverse findings, you won’t know exactly what works best until you start experimenting and keeping track of engagement results. Again, it all depends on your target audience and how you’re using Instagram to connect with your followers. Morning hours, between 7am and 9am, are a good time to post, because everyone is just waking up. Most people can’t resist checking their phones to see what they missed while they were asleep. After 9am, however, you may see a bit of a drop in engagement due to regular work and school hours.

Midday or around the lunch hour, between 11am and 2pm, is when people get a break to do what they want, that often includes checking social media. Post 7pm, which is after school and work, people get the chance to relax. They may start checking their phones while they sit in transit or in front of the TV just before dinnertime. Just be aware that you may be better off posting earlier around 5pm or later at 7pm rather than right in the middle which is 6pm.

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Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays seem to have the highest engagement according to the research sources above. Track the amount of likes and comments you get for each time slot and make adjustments as needed.

Video interaction tends to differ slightly compared to photos posted on Instagram. If you really want your video to be viewed, limit posting video content to the evening hours or much later at night.

When you think about it, it makes sense. Instagram videos need to be viewed in full by turning on the sound, which can be awkward if viewers are at work or at school. People are more likely to watch your video on their own time when they’re less busy or at home.

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