It was so incomplete I walked out of 'Project Ghazi' myself: Humayun Saeed

Actor says it can take up to five months to fix glitches in 'Project Ghazi'

Rahul Aijaz July 14, 2017

Project Ghazi, billed as Pakistan’s first superhero film, made history last night but for all the wrong reasons.

The film which was originally scheduled for a Friday release was postponed right after its premiere on Thursday night. Project Ghazi appeared to get a harsh response from the audience as it was packed with technical issues, particularly the sound design.

Project Ghazi

Speaking with The Express Tribune, lead actor Humayun Saeed admitted that the film was incomplete. “I have worked in the film so I knew the dialogues but even I couldn’t understand anything. Project Ghazi relies heavily on dialogues to explain the storyline and if it’s inexplicable, there is no point. The film cannot be judged right now.”

Project Ghazi release postponed on premiere night

The actor said he had been telling the producers to postpone it for about a month. “Project Ghazi has potential as a film, so why not wait and deliver a better product to the masses? I don’t know but maybe the producers were under some pressure from the brands or something that made them continue with the premiere,” Saeed noted. “He said it wasn’t that bad but I literally walked out halfway because I knew I’d have to stop it from releasing.”

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Saeed shared that most local films suffered from bad sound because “we are not good at it.” That’s why, we go abroad to fix our sound. “We dub the dialogues usually. Even India does, because we don’t have the equipment and expertise to sync it on location. For Project Ghazi, we didn’t do dubbing so I knew something was going to go wrong.”

Syra Shehroz plays a young researcher in the film Syra Shehroz plays a young researcher in the film

He clarified that Punjab Nahi Jaungi, his upcoming Eid release, will not be affected by Project Ghazi. “It has good hype and people are looking forward to watching it. Although I know it would have been affected if Project Ghazi had released today.” The Bin Roye star predicted it will take at least four to five months to fix Project Ghazi’s issues and finally release it.

Saeed added he doesn’t usually do other films but he did Project Ghazi to support young artists. “My mission is to support others in the industry. They will carry the future. I saw how hard it was upon the producers last night.”

Watch the trailer here:

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Asad | 5 years ago | Reply I saw the trailer and it was disappointing to be honest. I understand that we are in a transition phase but art of making movies has to be respected. Make movies that enrich the viewers by its plot. Dig deep down the philosophical lane and transform the viewers thoughts and emotions. Movies that have a clear but resounding message and can be interpreted differently like fight club and life of pie. Sci fi is OK but its impossible to compete Hollywood and Bollywood in that genre. Why can't we make movies that are not just fighting and love and shadi etc etc ?? Cinema is powerful medium when it comes to social change and Pakistan needs an industry rich in content , not in tech to sway minds and to reform the society.
Ahmad | 5 years ago | Reply @Jamal: Role Like? We have an Industry that Produce Less than 50 Movies a year with Stars that can be counted on Finger tips. With those limited people, finance and capacity They are trying to get the industry out of Gandasa Culture So let them Take a moment please :)
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