‘If you believe, boycott Facebook'

Ppi May 19, 2010

KARACHI: Members of the women’s wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) joined countrywide protests against social networking website Facebook by holding a large protest rally at MA Jinnah Road on Wednesday.

Scores of women demonstrated against the competition of making drawings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on Facebook. The naib ameer of JI, Professor Ghafoor Ahmed, addressed the rally, saying that the United Nations Organisation and the Organisation of Islamic Countries should take action against what he called a ‘blasphemous act’.

The Ummah should not tolerate such profane caricatures of their prophet, he said. All Muslims adore the prophet and every young man and woman can give their lives to protect his honour. JI Karachi chief Mohammed Hussain Mehanti said that the blasphemous competition on Facebook was aimed at provoking the Ummah. He urged the rulers of Pakistan to register their protest on diplomatic fronts. He demanded they ask the US government to ban the competition. Mehnti asked the public to boycott Facebook in order to prove their faith in God and the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

Published in the Express Tribune, May 20th, 2010.


SALMAN | 13 years ago | Reply Boycott Facebook and Join www.Pakbuddies.com Pakistan's First social netwrok ..
BE MORE WISE | 13 years ago | Reply Hang on, i have been going over the comments below and i am honestly really dissapointed to see the kind of mental abyss we all are in, people are saying not to boycott facebook just because they have been become addicted to blogging and wasting time over networking with friends, the outside world is literally laughing at our state at the moment. dont you think when ever you log on to facebook you contribute some amount to their annual profit.helping an organization profit which is run over by the enemies of islam, the jews.there are other better sites to propagate islamic thoughts peacefully. by the way ull never be successful in doing so on facebook they continually remove islamic content and preserve anti islamic stuff.think again!
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