9 signs your child is a born genius

Published: July 5, 2017


All children are special but being a genius is an innate ability, an aptitude of a different league that sets the Einsteins, Steve Jobs and Marie Curies apart. As compiled from the Reader’s Digesthere are ways to find out if your child is a gifted genius who will excel later in life.

1) Miraculous development

Motor skills growth, acquisition of language and speech are all markers of child development. Displaying the above-mentioned development traits earlier than the average child is an indication that the child is gifted Eboni Hollier, board certified in developmental and behavioural pediatrics says, “Many parents of gifted children note that they often master developmental milestones at an earlier age than expected. In particular, language skills may be significantly above age level. Many gifted children often develop an extensive vocabulary and speak in complex sentences at an early age,”

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2) Asking too many questions

Smart children ask questions, but trust a gifted minions to pester their parents with an unending trail of questions from why the sun rises from the East to how the car engine works. They have an undying curiosity about everything around them and are intrigued by diminutive details.

3) Observing shapes and patterns

Genius kids observe repetition, shapes and patterns much earlier than their peers. Next time your kid tells the square apart from the triangle as early as 2, you know they are meant to be a child protege so do encourage that behaviour.

4) They are specialists

Gifted kids have a specified area of interest in which they show exceptional familiarity and ridiculously more knowledge than expected out of children their age. For instance, if they are interested in the solar systems, they will exhibit knowledge of the planets and galaxies from a very early age.

5) Adults are their peers

Gifted kids have a mental age higher than other kids their ages and hence find it difficult to relate to them. They are often observed getting bored in class room or enjoying the company of older people more than their peers.

6) They are problem solvers

Not only do gifted kids display signs of development earlier in their life, their cognition and problem solving skills are also faster. If your kid is a born genius, he/she will not fail to impress you with their insights on problems and unique and original ways to solve them.

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7) They are focused
Gifted children display exceptional focus and determination at training themselves to master tasks they have started. Sunny Verma, founder and CEO of Tutorbright says, “Gifted children typically have an amazing sense of focus. When given a task, they tend to work on it without distractions until completion. TV, video games, and social media do not divert their attention, allowing them to finish with efficiency.”

8) They are leaders

Genius children are more organised and self-regulatory, traits attributed to leadership qualities.  They have more confidence than their peers and are always looking for ways to improve.

9) They love reading

You can call these gifted munchkins bookworms. They are avid readers and quick learners.

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