HEC devolution is unconstitutional: Javaid Laghari

Laghari said the HEC has constitutional protection and is an autonomous body.

Express April 06, 2011

ISLAMABAD: Higher Education Commission chairman Javaid Laghari on Wednesday termed the devolution of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) unconstitutional.

Laghari said the HEC has constitutional protection and is an autonomous body. He stated that the commission was not part of the concurrent list, hence it could not be devolved.

He further claimed that HEC authorities were not taken into confidence before the announcement of devolution despite repeated requests to the constitutional amendment committee.

Laghari expressed fear that the HEC’s devolution would affect higher studies, education standards in the country and foreign scholarships.

Vice chancellors of over 36 universities are scheduled to hold a meeting tomorrow in Islamabad against the decision to devolve the HEC.

If the HEC is maintained as a regulatory authority, then the Vice chancellors will also discuss its rules and regulations.


mK | 10 years ago | Reply @ saleem, this is the decision of 170 million people? Are you really so naive? Around 70% of this country's population lives in Rural areas and most of them just dont have any clue as to what HEC stands for? Stop making a fool out of yourself! If at all you have been around, most the educated class of this country is opposing the devolution
QuranVsHadith | 10 years ago | Reply Do not state things without doing your research....you make an unfounded claim based on hearsay I am sure....do a google on it. Mot One Pak University is listed and that is a FACT. http://www.online-universities.us/top500universities.htm Education in this country is substandard and HEC only keeps it that way. HEC acts as if Higher education is a new concept....it has been perfected by the est....no experimentation needs to be done ....all that needs to be done is to ACTUALLY follow the rules set by the rest of the world and implement the system here. It is not rocket science. They do not WANT it to work smoothly, effectively or efficiently otherwise, afetr 10 years and help from countless countries who have this figured out, it would be set up properly and working like a swiss watch (not a fake chinese copy of a swiss watch).
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