Man jailed for dangling baby from window to get Facebook likes

Man posted a picture of himself holding the baby out of a window with the caption, '1000 likes or I will drop him'

News Desk June 22, 2017
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

A court in Algeria has sentenced a man to two years in prison for dangling a baby out of a window in order to attract 'likes' on Facebook.

The man posted a picture of himself holding the baby out of a window in a high-rise building with the Facebook caption, "1000 likes or I will drop him". After seeing it, many Facebook users condemned it and stated that the man should be tried on child abuse charges.

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The defiant claims that the baby was not in any kind of danger and that the balcony had protective barriers, which was removed through photoshop by Facebook users who spread the image. The defiant carried out this horrific act to reportedly gain high viewers, likes and followers on social media.

However, the judge ruled against him, saying the picture was clear and the child's life was in danger. The father of the baby told the judge to forgive the man, claiming that it was an alleged 'game'. But the court was not convinced.

This article originally appeared on BBC.


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