Cannibal confesses to eating own children

Accused in Kohar Kalan cannibal case confesses to killing and eating two of own children.

Express April 05, 2011

One of the accused in the Kohar Kalan cannibal case on Tuesday confessed that he along with his aides had killed and eaten two of their own children.

Rana Farman, who is in police custody with three other people, gave a statement to the police confessing to eating the children.

Speaking to Express News, Station House Office (SHO) Fakhar Zaman said that the bones of the children had been recovered. He said that the accused persons had killed their sister in the name of honour three years ago, after which they had eaten her and ‘became addicted to human flesh’.

Police had arrested two middle-aged brothers from Kohar Kalan village on Sunday on suspicion of stealing and eating human flesh in an investigation into cannibalism.

The police had acted after the parents of 24-year-old woman, who had died of cancer, complained that her body had gone missing after the burial.

The brothers had confessed that they had been pulling bodies for the past year. The body of the girl was found with a missing leg, which the two men said had been eaten by them.


Nobody | 10 years ago | Reply @Zulfiqar: I notice at three separate points in your comment, you pointed the finger of immorality at women. Mind detailing the atrocities committed by men as well, or was your rant simply to point out how women are wrong in this immoral society? More to the point, while I agree society has become somewhat religiously laxed, I don't think that's the reason for cannibalism.
Azti | 10 years ago | Reply @ zulfiqar you my friend should be incinerated for your chauvinistic based views n yes you shud be,along with these mentally unstable people be scrutinized too since you too seem to harbour mental illness of grave issues, you need'nt bring religion or race or belief or anykind of demographic base into this conversation it exhibits your poor intuition and lack of humanity as others have said here it is a mental illness whether your a muslim or anything has no effect on your insanity so you my friends need to get your facts straight before you repute yourself a in plain and simple words incredibly stupid person
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