London 'attacker' was trying to radicalise kids but Scotland Yard 'ignored' report against him

Italian mother says she had handed over evidence against the suspect to the Barking Police in 2015

News Desk June 05, 2017
The ringleader of the London Bridge attack appeared in a Channel 4 documentary. PHOTO COURTESY: Daily Mirror

Following the "terrorist attack" in London on Saturday, an Italian family has revealed information about one of the suspects claiming that a report had been filed against him in 2015 as well.

London attack: What we know

Erica, who lives on Elizabeth Fry estate, said Scotland Yard was aware of the suspect long before the London attack as he had tried to 'radicalise' her children towards Islam. After hearing the words, "Mummy, I want to become a Muslim", Erica went to the park to argue with the attacker and his comrades.

Erica's concerns grew after the attacker out rightly told her that "he would do whatever is required in the name of Allah... [he] would be prepared to kill [his] mother."

She also stated that she had gathered evidence and handed over pictures to the Barking Police, who instead told her to "leave the photos for [her] own safety." Erica also claimed the involvement of a Polish woman who she accused of tipping the suspect off about her police case.

London terror attack death toll rises to seven

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said they knew about the claims that Erica was making, however, they would not be commenting further.


This article originally appeared on The Telegraph.


Rustam | 4 years ago | Reply @numbersnumbers: What for the intelligence agencies are, then? Are they not supposed to identify the HIRED handlers? Why do not we talk of the FAILURE of the intelligence agencies for identifying the handlers? The handlers are the main culprits and as they are not being caught the senseless terrorism goes on. Until we go on blaming the operators and ignoring the HIRED HANDLERS and their CLIENTS the terrorist incidents cannot be eliminated. Therefore, intelligence agencies need to dig further to find the HANDLERS and their CLIENTS.
numbersnumbers | 4 years ago | Reply @rustam: And just where can we read credible sources about these alleged "handlers"?? Your comment reeks of conspiracy theory Denialism so convenient to deflect blame!
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