Higher education: Many VCs not pleased with devolution

Published: April 1, 2011
HEC produced more PhD scholars than academics over the past 60 years

HEC produced more PhD scholars than academics over the past 60 years


With the government set to devolve education, some vice-chancellors (VCs) of public sector universities believe that the higher education system in the country would collapse if its control is shifted to the provinces.

Reacting to the federal government’s decision to devolve the Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) duties pertaining to funding and controlling the higher education system, a majority of the VCs expressed little hope in the new measure.

“The HEC is a success story. Since its formation eight years ago, the commission has produced more PhD scholars than created over the past 60 years,” said Dr Masoom Yasinzai, Vice-Chancellor of Quaid-i-Azam University.

Dr Yazdani said that Pakistan needs at least 10,000 PhD professionals over the next 10 years, which is possible only if there is a comprehensive higher education policy. He also pointed out how some provinces have failed to handle education affairs at even the level of schools and colleges.

Dr Bushra Mateen, former vice-chancellor of the Lahore College for Women University said the government never consulted educationists before making policies related to education and pointed out that the slots of vice-chancellors for six universities of Punjab are lying vacant for the past several months, which speaks volumes about the province’s attitude regarding the matter. Dr Fatah Muhammad Malik, Rector of the Islamic International University, however, favoured the decision, saying that devolution would help reduce heavy expenses being incurred by the HEC.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 01st, 2011.

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Reader Comments (7)

  • Majid ali
    Apr 1, 2011 - 10:12AM

    Dear All Aslam-o-Alikum:

    I am astonish to hear about the foolish decision of the current government. Karl Marx once said that “if you would remove the elite setup then a change can be come” same is case here its the setup which don’t want the betterment of poor people. Recommend

  • Apr 1, 2011 - 10:49AM

    Its worthy for all university students to save the status of hec. If it is devolved the status of education and research output in various universities on the behalf of hec will cease. I strongly support the idea of Dr.A.Q. Khan for supporting hec. All students should raise their slogans against this dirty decision.Recommend

  • Critical Observor
    Apr 1, 2011 - 11:59AM

    A landmark decision by the government to end the monoply of a corrupt commission that has cost the country billions without any benefit to economy or society. Graet work by the democratic government! Recommend

  • akhtar
    Apr 1, 2011 - 3:51PM

    Dear Critical Observer, you just talking non-sense, you’ve got no idea of the consequences of HEC being devolved.Recommend

  • Ali
    Apr 1, 2011 - 9:37PM

    @Critical Observor:
    I think you haven’t the faintest idea what you are talking about.
    The HEC budget was 15 billion ruppees approx. The world bank gives it loans directly, not via the government which is corrupt beyond belief. The governement can afford to spend 3 billion ruppees to build lodges for it’s nawabs in national assembly but cut the HEC budget which is educating the deserving poor.The children of the rich elite don’t use the HEC so that’s why the PPP, PML-N want to destroy it. They want to keep the poor in their position.
    Pakistan’s finest scientists including Asghar Qadir and A Q Khan have all voiced their objection to this move.
    So Critical Observer, why do you propose breaking the HEC down?Recommend

  • Ali
    Apr 2, 2011 - 8:41AM

    The government is doing this because HEC did not recognize their fake degrees. We don’t need reopening of bhato case he was a great leader but fact is that he has gone. We have to think about the nation and we can build the nation by education, not from the statues of Banazir or the name of Bhatto.
    I think this is very important issue and every student should raise his/her voice against this decision and if needed we should all students come out to kick off this non sense politicians including PPP, PML(N), PML(Q), MQM etc they all same and earning on their own.Recommend

  • abida
    Apr 6, 2011 - 8:29PM

    It is shame for all pakistani people that not to have HEC. All over the world all countries have HEC. Come on guys save your nation save HEC save your country save your education. Its our recognition. Do not loose it. Save HEC. Recommend

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