'Pakistan not producing goods China needs'

Published: April 30, 2017
Envoy describes businessmen’s reservations about CPEC as speculation. PHOTO: APP

Envoy describes businessmen’s reservations about CPEC as speculation. PHOTO: APP

ISLAMABAD: Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong has emphasised that Pakistan is not producing the goods needed in China, which is a reason behind the trade imbalance, but the situation will change when Chinese companies start producing such products.

“Pakistan can enhance its exports to $35 billion for which serious efforts are needed,” he said while talking to Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) President Zubair Tufail and Coordination Committee Chairman Malik Sohail Hussain.

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The ambassador described the reservations expressed by the business community and others about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as speculation, saying time would tell the reality.

He clarified that not a single Chinese company would be allowed to install used machinery in Pakistan and transfer of technology would be a prerequisite.

“Settling energy crisis in Pakistan is our top priority and we will add 11,000 megawatts of electricity to the national grid as soon as possible through highly efficient power plants,” he said.

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“After overcoming the energy crisis, we will develop infrastructure and in the last leg initiate the process of industrialisation.”

Sun emphasised that the security of economic zones must be ensured so that Chinese experts working in Pakistan could feel safe.

He revealed that visa procedure was being improved for Pakistani businessmen and the business community should participate in exhibitions and seminars in China to improve the understanding and trade.

The ambassador was of the view that growing relations between Pakistan and China were not only mutually beneficial, but they would have a positive impression in the entire region.

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Published in The Express Tribune, April 30th, 2017.

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Reader Comments (13)

  • Nazarul Islam
    Apr 30, 2017 - 1:39PM

    At least the ambassador explains plans for CPEC better than any Pakistani minister, economic expert or journalist.Recommend

  • cautious
    Apr 30, 2017 - 2:56PM

    Pakistan love to talk about trade – but that’s hard to do when your major product is textiles. In China’s case they already are a major textile exporter … in the USA case they are already your biggest textile buyer. Recommend

  • Touseef
    Apr 30, 2017 - 4:51PM

    Pakistan has couple of problems no 1) is remaining nationalized industrial deportments such as steel mill and railway we should privatize them as soon as possible and only necessary administrative departments should come under government so that we get rid of unnecessary loses due to these white elephants. A clearer picture of tax income will come out of the situation 2) water management and Mining, we need to come up with clearer water management policy for safer future. and Mining as we have vast resources of precious metals such as gold,coper, molybdenum etc… Alone with good mining policies we can raise our reserves to over trillion dollars and in matter of decade we can raise common person over 20K per anum. Recommend

  • Hashim
    Apr 30, 2017 - 5:05PM

    China is going to industrialize Pakistan?! That’s the job of the Pakistani government not the Chinese government! We have outsourced governance to China!Recommend

  • Chachea Jee
    Apr 30, 2017 - 7:55PM

    Most of people in Indian slums and below poverty line are Muslim.Recommend

  • Furkan AWAN
    Apr 30, 2017 - 8:09PM

    If Pakistani Government is getting infrastructure from China then they should provide China in return what they need the most .Otherwise we may loose a best friend infact a brother to be precise.Recommend

  • Komal S
    May 1, 2017 - 9:38AM

    Ok the Chinese ambassador says, our priority is fix electricity problems, then infrastructure problems and then indusrtrialization. I thought these were responsibilities of the elected government. Looks like they have outsourced security to Pakistanis though. Recommend

  • Atif
    May 1, 2017 - 11:54AM

    Work more, pray less.
    That’s what the Chinese should be telling us.Recommend

  • Muhammad Musa
    May 1, 2017 - 11:59AM

    If someone is trying to help you, appreciate it. And look at the people who were at the helm of affairs in the 35-40 years. Learn from your mistakes otherwise you are doomed.Recommend

  • A worried Pakistani
    May 1, 2017 - 11:49PM

    If we look at the Iran post 1979, Iranians have been going up in all sectors by carefully studying all steps and avoiding mistakes. On the contrary, our country is going down. Just the other day Ayatollah Khamenei gave credit to the Iranian nation for averting war of countries who would threaten them by the PEOPLE being present. In Pakistan we need to create more nationalism and united polity. He said, that in Iran there is less gap between the administration and the governed people and that is the reason for people’s presence. Iranians have managed to muster their collective intelligence in all matters. They have a company which produces scanning tunneling electron microscope. They have been able to bring all kinds of incremental technical improvements in their products and processes by their own efforts. A simple example is how they dealt with the Americans by capturing their drones live and reverse engineering them. They took the pakistani centrifuge of aluminum and made carbon fiber centrifuges which is very low cost and superior performance to maraging steel. We have one Khan who brought something from holland by accident. They have hundreds of such people. The Comsol multiphysics software is started by an Iranian Farhad Saeidi in Sweden. The Iranians punish corruption very severely. Their current election slogan is “labor and dignity”. Ayatollah Khamenei told the participants to come up with lofty ideas to serve the people. Also, they never had to deploy the steroid option by doing military operation in their own country, which is an acknowledgement of defeat of civil law and civil society and inability to resolve differences by rational discussion. I think, Pakistan needs to learn a lot from Iran and we should. Steel mill should be improved but not be privatized, or else split into 3 competing copies.Recommend

  • Roger from California
    May 2, 2017 - 12:08AM

    pakistan probably does not have any laboratories to detect chinese cheating. the chinese have mastered the art of additives to plastic and rubber to make it crack after a certain time by auto-degrading or under UV or moisture as well as the steel to rust or anti-corrosion coatings to disappear. The moulds and dies to make the parts again is practical impossibility and a conundrum that presents great anxiety later. In every product, they have refined the art of cutting down manufacturing processes. Also the coatings they apply are carcinogenic and smell like kerosine, possibly benzotriazole. The plastics have missing antioxidants. 5-10 years down the road the pakistanis would be crying and the lovefest would end bitterly. on a private level there is no way to deal with cheating, but state to state it might be resolved. I am in the USA and I have tried many chinese products in stores like Walmart, Harbor Freight and I can tell you that as a white American machinist and technician, I am giving you precise information. Their steels lack the alloy additives and the cutting tools do not hold the edges even though china has the worlds largest reserves of cheap tungsten. Plastic or steel has no race but it is formulated wilfully.Recommend

  • hzr
    May 2, 2017 - 4:52AM

    A very tongue in cheek idea.China does not need what others produce.Silk Road or CPEC is for china to export not import.Recommend

  • DevilHunterX
    May 2, 2017 - 2:38PM

    Chinese companies in Pakistan producing products which China wants…Recommend

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