7 best burgers in Karachi

A king among sandwiches, the burger is indisputably a universal favourite

Sumayia Asif April 25, 2017
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A king among sandwiches, the burger is indisputably a universal favourite. It has travelled far and wide since its inception and garnered a dedicated, foodie fan base.

So what goes into making the quintessential burger? Not to offend poultry fans, but when we speak of the most celebrated burgers we are of course talking about beef burgers. The ultimate sandwich is made with quality beef, carefully prepped and faultlessly cooked; tender, succulent and lightly seasoned. Then, of course, come the add-ons such as cheese, sauces, and finally the bun. The bun also has to be the right consistency and size; a perfect bun-to-patty ratio gives you some bread and meat in every bite. Such things aptly considered inside restaurant kitchens give us the most scrumptious burgers.

If you are now inclined to get your hands the finest beef sandwich the city has to offer, here are our picks:

Gouda burger - The Pantry

Order a medium-well patty and you will love it. The rocket leaves and cheese are perfect add-ons in this burger.

Gourmet Swiss mushroom melt - Oh My Grill

Mushrooms, Swiss cheese and a deliciously charred beef patty. This is an outstanding sandwich fittingly complemented by the crispy, thick-cut fries.

The Big Bang - Burger Lab

A good patty, paired with pepperoni, onion rings, lettuce, jalapenos, fiery hot and Lab sauce. The Big Bang has tonnes of flavour.

Shack Full House - The Burger Shack 

Old School Cheese Burger - Xander's

All about the beef, Xander's burger boasts a great patty and is traditional in every sense. Enjoy it with some roast potato wedges.

Louisiana - POW

Admirers of caramelised onions know you can never go wrong with them. On a burger? Yes please. Made with Louisiana sauce, caramelised onions, sauteed mushrooms and melted cheddar cheese, POW's Louisiana burger is a must-try.

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Such bolta hoon | 4 years ago | Reply What about Burns Road Kay Bun kebab
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