This eight-year-old earns $127,000 a month making videos on YouTube

Published: April 21, 2017
Five-year-old Ashlee (left) and eight-year-old Charli (right). PHOTO: YOUTUBE SCREENGRAB

Five-year-old Ashlee (left) and eight-year-old Charli (right). PHOTO: YOUTUBE SCREENGRAB

YouTube stars have gained celebrity like status. With many finding fame through the video-sharing website, most generate generous incomes through the monetisation of their videos – and they make more money than you might think.

AdAge recently published a ranking of the top YouTube stars according to their estimated monthly earnings. They focused on two genres: beauty and style, and food and cooking.

YouTube stars can live stream from mobile, make money from fans

Surprisingly, the top earner in the latter genre is an eight-year-old who generates an average of $127,777 per month through her channel CharlisCraftyKitchen. Her channel features videos of herself sharing baking tips.

The channel, which started in 2012 when Charli was only six, gets an average of 29 million views each month. Her five-year-old sister, Ashlee, also appears in the videos as chief taste tester. The sisters make tutorials for everything, from Minnie Mouse Oreo pops to jello popsicles inspired by Disney movie Frozen.

According to their channel, they “love making kid-friendly party treats like Disney princess, rainbow, popsicles, cookies, cupcakes,
emoji and heaps more!”

You can watch one of their videos below:

This story originally appeared on Business Insider

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