Austria to help with energy crisis

Express May 17, 2010

Austria has offered financial and technical help for the Tarbela Dam extension project.

Austria, on Monday, pledged its help in dealing with the energy crisis. Tarbela runs fourteen generating units at the moment.  The current project will add another two to the line up.

This is the fourth extension to the Tarbela Dam since it's completion, which should generate an extra 1,000 mega watts of power in addition to the 3,500 mega watts already generated.

Water and Power Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said the project should help bring badly needed foreign investment to Pakistan


Adeel Sami | 14 years ago | Reply Whatever they do, we need the electricity at any rate no matter the inflation shoots beyond 100%.
Meekal Ahmed | 14 years ago | Reply There is no dearth of government's who are willing to help Pakistan in all fields including energy. It furthers their commercial interests and (hopefully) helps the recipient country as well. Of course we need to ensure that their help is technically and economically sound and the debt re-payable (since there are no grants anymore). What is galling and painful is why and how we got into such a mess to begin with.
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