Are the Jaswal brothers serving the best burgers in Islamabad?

The Jaswal brothers established they can do everything, and now they make burgers too. But are they the best?

Hafsah Sarfraz April 12, 2017

The Jaswal brothers, who've conquered the Pakistani film and music industry with their singing, acting and directing skills, have now proven they can also make a mean meal.

The brothers have now ventured into the food industry and are making some of the tastiest burgers you can find in the capital.

Yasir Jaswal, the eldest of the Jaswal clan teamed up with his friend, Yawar Siddiqui and, his younger brother, Uzair Jaswal to open Jessie’s -- a new addition to the burger joints in Islamabad.

Explaining why he decided to open up his own joint, Yasir told The Express Tribune that he used to make burgers at home and his friends and family would encourage him to open his own set-up and sell them.

“Back then I didn’t agree, but when I saw burger joints becoming popular in Pakistan I gained the encouragement to do something too, so I started working on the recipes. All the recipes at Jessie’s are my own but there has been a lot of experimentation because it is unfair and untrue to say that one person is responsible for the taste”, he said.

Jessie’s is also unique because of the ideology behind it. Yasir mentioned how Jessie’s hosts regular jam sessions, free for all customers. “I know what it feels like to be a striving artist in this city looking for a place to perform. However, before everything else, it is a burger joint and we want to serve great burgers at an affordable price to the city they call 'the city of burgers' and the city we love so dearly," he added.

At a time when burger joints are sprouting everywhere in the city and disappointing mostly, Jessie’s is a much-needed, great addition to the city. It's quick, accessible, affordable and is delicious - everything a burger should be!

Quality – 4/5

If I had to sum up my verdict for Jessie’s, I’d give it a thumbs up. Going into details, we tried Jessie’s classic beef, the grand beef burger, the BBQ chicken and Jessie’s chicken special. Interestingly, all burgers whether beef or chicken, are priced between Rs 595 and Rs 695, which, in my opinion, is quite reasonable in the capital.

Jessie’s classic beef burger is a 60 ounce juicy prime beef patty topped with sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and a Jessie’s special sauce that makes the entire burger finger licking good.

The grand beef burger is a step ahead of the classic beef. It has a bigger patty with two slices of cheddar and a slice of turkey bacon along with all the veggies but that’s not the best part. The best thing about the grand beef is that all of this lies atop a bed of caramelised onions, which makes it stand out all the more.

At Rs 695, one can’t expect more from this delicious yet beasty burger, one that is bound to fill up even those with the biggest appetites.

I personally loved the BBQ chicken burger the most. Being a fan of BBQ sauce, this one was a delicious burger that places a thick grilled chicken patty over a bed of tangy southwestern honey mustard sauce with the classic burger's toppings and a special BBQ sauce.

Jessie’s special chicken burger is also a similar version of the BBQ burger, except it replaces the BBQ sauce with a special secret sauce that is made at Jessie’s itself. Jessie’s special comes with an even thicker chicken patty making it a treat to look at and eat too.

By the time we finished, there was no room left for dessert or shakes but according to the management, the burger joint serves some delicious shakes including the peanut butter shake, which is very popular.

The menu also includes a steak, grilled chicken, Jessie’s special salad, chicken strips and a bun-less burger for the health conscious. The bun-less burger is a choice of chicken or beef patty topped with cheddar and home sauce served in a fresh lettuce wrap; the perfect meal for healthy eaters craving a burger.

Atmosphere - 4/5

The atmosphere at Jessie’s is that of a typical British burger joint. It’s rustic, quaint yet every artistic. The interior is done in shades of brown with subdued yellow lights and rustic grey brick walls that offer the perfect respite from the busy life in F-7 where Jessie’s is located. The burger joint has an open bar, wooden tables and floors, and a few interesting mosaics on the walls.

Ahmed Daud, an architect from NCA, and a friend to Yasir and Yawar, helped them set up the space. Tehzeeb and Jazib, fresh graduates from NCA, painted two of the walls at Jessie’s.

The mosaic walls add a lot of culture to the old-fashioned burger joint. Yasir mentioned that the idea is to repaint the walls once or twice a year. Get young talented individuals and tell them to transform them into whatever they want.

Service – 4/5

I have tried Jessie’s twice and both times the service was quick, just as one would ideally expect at a burger joint. The staff at Jessie’s understands that a burger is fast/comfort food and anyone who shows up, wants their order within 7 to 10 minutes and they make sure to do just that.

Verdict – 4/5

Jessie’s is the place to be for live music on weekends and some of the most delicious burgers the city has to offer without being too heavy on the pocket.

Have you tried Jessie’s? Leave your review in the comments below.


ali | 7 years ago | Reply @Unknown: yaar try dome boom boom roll paratha with less oily paratha yum so cheap and best taste
Carol Khan | 7 years ago | Reply Burger was OK..nothing to write home about. Crowd was good though..
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