A civilisation of narcissists

Published: March 26, 2011
The writer is a director at the South Asia Free Media Association, Lahore 

The writer is a director at the South Asia Free Media Association, Lahore khaled.ahmed@tribune.com.pk

Muslims seem to be blind to non-Muslim emotions; they are civilisationally inward-looking, but only go into denial when taxed with blame from the outside. If Muslims kill non-Muslims, they seem strangely unconcerned; when Muslims kill Muslims, as in Sudan, they turn their eyes away. It is only when non-Muslims kill Muslims, that they wake up and start complaining and pointing to their general state of victimhood. In his book Tehzeebi Nargisiyat (Sanjh Publications Lahore, 2009), Mobarak Haider goes into the minutiae of collective Muslim narcissism and examines all their overt and hidden postures, and comes up with a key to the understanding of the Muslim mind.

Haider says if you think Muslim isolationism and pride are of recent date, you are mistaken; Muslims have always been like that. It is their understanding of Islam that permits extreme posturing, while at the same time giving them the rhetoric of peace that no one takes seriously. If a Muslim terrorist kills another Muslim, the unthinking verdict is that the killer couldn’t be a Muslim or he wouldn’t have done it. Yet the bitter truth is that despite all their aggressive strutting, Muslims are busy killing Muslims all over the world. When they travel abroad and are treated with fear and loathing at international airports, they pocket their narcissism and suffer in silence. Strangely, pride doesn’t recommend refusal to migrate.

Author Haider bases this narcissism on the way Muslims absorb the following tenets of their faith: 1) Islam is a complete code of life and offers solutions to all problems; 2) Every edict of Islam is eternal and applicable to all times; 3) Islam is the only truth and any other competing truth must mould itself according to Islam or be ready to be suppressed; 4) Muslims are under obligation to make Islam the supreme religion of the world as other religions are jahiliyya; 5) Muslims are the foremost nation in the world and the only one that will be allowed into Heaven; 6) Action taken to subjugate other civilisations is jihad and not terrorism.

There are other ‘collective’ illusions contained in the edicts that follow: 7) Violence is interpreted as jihad, but then jihad is supposed to be the personal obligation of Muslims and not the state; 8) Any deviation from the prevailing dogma is non-belief or kufr; in more mitigating conditions, it is at least heresy; 9) The best knowledge is knowledge of religion and the ulema are the best among men, which means that no one can think about religion on his own; 10) No one can become a scholar of Islam except by accepting the dogma and obeying the edicts of tradition.

The Taliban are the climax of the journey of blind dismissal of the world outside the Muslim self. The idea is to rule the world not through acquisition of knowledge but through the use of the sword. The Taliban are the symbol of Pakistan’s recession into the self in the face of modern challenges. The biggest self-destructive vice that springs from this is uniformity of thinking or yaksaniyat (p.62).

Pakistan in its official and unofficial mythology claims that superpower Russia was defeated by the Taliban; and superpower America, too, will now be defeated by the Taliban, a glory in which Muslims of the world will indirectly participate. Corrupt politicians returning from the fleshpots of Europe, where they have just spent a part of the wealth gouged from Pakistan, complain that the West has lost its spiritual values and is now looking beseechingly at the Muslims as an agency of the revival of the western soul.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 27th, 2011.

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  • M M Malik
    Mar 26, 2011 - 11:46PM

    Majority of the Muslims today are unknowingly Islam’s worst enemy.Recommend

  • faraz
    Mar 26, 2011 - 11:54PM

    Although narcissist muslims repeatedly claim that all our problems can be resolved by resurrecting the ‘ideal islamic state’ that existed 1400 years ago, they neatly avoid discussing the events that lead to death of tens of thousands of Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) during various civil wars. Recommend

  • Ashok
    Mar 26, 2011 - 11:55PM

    My assessment is that for peace to prevail in Pakistan, the ideology of Pakistan, which influences its decision making process at the higher levels of power, needs to be discarded. How to do this? This is what I have been pondering. Does India need to invest in a combination of people to people contacts, plus nudge movements like the ‘Arya Samaj’ or Sikhism into Pakistan? This would cause a cultural transformation that just might be the answer. I’m not trying to inject new identity politics in a country formed by identity politics, but I’m trying to understand how to influence its decision making process and value system into something more positive so that it reaffirms its ties to the cultural legacy that stems from the ancient Indian civilization. The empirical results of Pakistan are not looking bright, and the ethical basis for the formation of Pakistan is also at a crossroads of considerable question.Recommend

  • mussarat hussain
    Mar 27, 2011 - 12:08AM

    Yet another very good article by Khaled Ahmed.

    Jazakallah for pinpointing that muslims are killing muslims in Pakistan. Are muslims killed by their fellowbeing muslims in pakistan can be termed “Martyred”.

    I still fail to understand the authority which determines who is Muslim?

    Are they religious organizations or those eager to enforce “Galba-e-Islam” (Supremacy of Islam), killings, genocide only in the name of Islam.

    Our leaders are absolutely impotent and judiciary is jawless.

    The other day a lawyer thrashed an old women just for not offering him chair to seat with
    while the Chief Justice of Pakistan is helpless enough to take cognizant of the matter by taking “suo-moto action” against the respected “protector of Law”.

    The judiciary is still silent over burning of churches, imambargah and above killings of more than one hundred Ahmedis in Lahore last year. Judiciary should openly declare that neither
    Christians, nor Shiite or Ahmedis are human beings.

    Height of double standard and hypocracy.

    It’s time for pakistani nation to decide “whose” Islam they want to practice, killings or protection of humanity?

    Has this nation forgotten that “Killing of one person tantamounts to killing of entire humanity”.

    Well done my dear highly respected and revered Khaled Ahmed.

    Mussarat Hussain,
    former chief reporter APP (Lahore)
    Washington DCRecommend

  • mujtaba haydar
    Mar 27, 2011 - 12:34AM

    This article just makes me wanna sing out loud. The gist of it is muslims have been down right ignorant. By just reading a few pages on the bloody history of the muslims, especially right after our Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)’s death, would make it pretty clear as to why the so called muslim ‘ummah’ has been in such doldrums.

    It’s time for muslims to face the facts and accept the bitter but essential truths of their unpleasant history. But I doubt this people could ever grasp the thought of undertaking such a path, as even though they live in a free and humane society here in the west, it hardly brings their feeble minds to reflect for a moment and compare their conduct and their equally feeble faith.

    Rather they have the audacity to declare jihad and a wish to establish shariah law! hence, why we’re witnessing parties like the english defense league and the bnp that are striking chords on peoples minds on the potential threat posed by such muslim jihadi idiots, the same idiots who burned the poppies on remembrance day!!! It’s tragic, but muslims the world over are at loss.Recommend

  • mussarat hussain
    Mar 27, 2011 - 1:04AM

    @M M Malik:

    Being a journalist I fully agree with you my brother Malik.

    Under those circumstances we can only pray to God despite the fact I know that only prays do not work unless you change yourself.

    If prays could work Kashmir and Palestine would have resolved long long ago and above all Baghdad would also have never fall to Halakoo Khan although seventy thousand people prayed for whole night to avert the catastrophe. But God has its mysterious way to help his real “BELLIEVERS”. The real “believers” are who love humanity irrespective of colour, creed and sect. We have forgotten the Last Friday Sermon of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We desperately need to revive that teachings and spirit to attract mercy of Almighty God.

    Allama Iqbal rightly said ” Woh Zikr-e-Neem Shabi Woh Moraqbay Woh Saroor
    Teree Khudee Kay Nighabaan Nahi to kuch Bi Nahi

    The sad aspect of this nation is that once our Mulla declared Iqbal and Father of nation
    as “Kafir-e-azam”. Only one-eyed dictator introduced slogan like “Pakistan Ka Matlab Kiya Lai Laha Ill-lal La”, just to perpetuate his own rule. It was zia under whose rule minorities were crushed aggressively.

    Is God happy with us?

    We are proud to have journalist like Khaled Ahmed amongst us whose superb writing on social, cultural and other issues are indeed source of insipiration for an “unguided” and disturbed nation.

    Mussarat HussainRecommend

  • mussarat hussain
    Mar 27, 2011 - 1:33AM

    @mujtaba haydar:

    Dear Haydar, some “viral and bacterial” elements had started conspiracy against islam

    even during the lifetitime of the Holy Prohet Muhammad (PBUH) who had no courage to

    come up openly as their efforts were thwarted by the Prophet after revelation from God.

    (They were real snake in grass).

    However, all “virus” re-activated after the passing away of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

    who are continuing conspiracies to fulfill their nefarious designs till date in the shape

    of “terrorism” and “sectarianism”.


  • G. Din
    Mar 27, 2011 - 1:48AM

    In talking about Muslims, one has to acknowledge that Muslims are not a homogeneous lot. One has to distinguish between the “original” Muslims and the “converted” Muslims. Such a kind of “caste” distinction has existed and continues to exist even today. It can be seen in the way the “original” ones look down upon the “converted” ones. All those performing hajj or going to Muslim countries for earning a living will attest to the contempt with which they are treated. Since the overwhelming majority of “converted” Muslims did not do so out of conviction but out of expediency, they are intellectually unable to stand up to the “original” ones. The expediency arose out of the dynamics of Muslim conquests. In the first phase, the invader used fear to subjugate. At this stage, those natives that could not take the rigour of this fear (in other words, were cowardly), converted. With passage of time came the consolidation phase of the conquest. The invader could not continue to kill and so turned to bribing the local populations with inducements. In the South Asian context, a new class of nawabs and jagirdars and the like came into being. Here the conversion took place motivated by greed. Both these motivations, the cowardice and the greed, alienated those newly converted from the rest of the population, subscribing to a non-Muslim religion and pushed them ever so inexorably towards the “original” conquering Muslims. There was no religious affinity between the two “castes” of Muslims because intellectual stimulation for such affinity was completely absent.. This accentuated the demonstrable need for the “converted” to be seen to belong to the new ruling class and they became “more Christian than the Pope” and “more Mughal than the Mughals themselves”. To prove that they were as “Muslim” as the “original” ones, they compensated by being more fanatic than the other. It is this factor anthropologists must look to, to explain the extreme and rigid fanaticism of South Asian Muslims.Recommend

  • Mar 27, 2011 - 1:52AM

    wow! thanks for saying it as it is. But the million-dollar question now is how can this mentality be changed? All the non-muslims of the world — dismissed so easily by muslims as being sub-human kafirs — are just simply fed up to the bone with the above version of islam & are waiting breathlessly for a solution.Recommend

  • A Thinker
    Mar 27, 2011 - 2:45AM

    You began well but you lost me when you said that we are feared at global airports due to Muslim on Muslim violence.

    This is usual western propaganda in defence of the attack on Iraq. Yo seem to suffer from the elephant in the room syndrome. You ignore the fact that Muslim on Muslim violence in Sudan and Iraq is juxtaposed with OIL interests.

    Muslims should ignore the hostile invasions on their soil which are happening as we speak? I dont see you uttering a peep about Lybia whose entire Air Force has been destroyed. Is that Muslim on Muslim violence too? Dont tell me you would now claim that this GREATER violence was meted out to cease Muslim on Muslim violence! How convenient!!!!Recommend

  • John
    Mar 27, 2011 - 2:53AM

    Had I written this column, I would be dead by now. Because you are a muslim (I assume, with liberty) you can only be fined. This kind of narcissism is what the world is screaming about, and unfortunately PAK is in the middle of it.

    Hope they won’t declare you a narcissist, Prof. Recommend

  • David Salmon
    Mar 27, 2011 - 2:54AM

    Thank God we had Martin Luther and Henry VIII to challenge the Pope and religious tradition. But your modern Taliban seems rather like a Protestant reformer to me: every mullah, if not quite every believer, seems to have the right to define his own version of Sharia. Recommend

  • gt
    Mar 27, 2011 - 3:47AM

    In India, we have the concept of Sanatana [Eternal] Dharma continually expressing itself as ADYATANA Dharma, the need of the hour. E.g. in the SrimadbhagavadGita, that is the functionally canonical text accepted by almost all sects, we hear an explicit declaration of the Dharma being renewed because the ancient paths have become obscured.

    Many holy men & women with INDISPUTABLE country-wide recognition & acceptance, such as SriRamakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi, Vivekananda, Ma Anandamayi, Sri Ramana Maharshi in the 19th-20th century, and Sri Chaitanya, Sri Ramanuja et. al, earlier and numberless Buddhist, Jain & Sanatani saints, all have worked ceaselessly to keep the SPIRIT of DHARMA alive.

    Their counterparts, although far fewer in number, were Sufis who did NOT PROFESS the tariqA muhammadiyA. This an important dividing line between Sufi sadhana, or lineages of spiritual effort. Too complicated to enter into discussion here, but obviously, this group could have little influence over the course of dogmatic Islamic thought.

    Therefore, the largest body of those professing Islam remained isolated from any continuing spirtual ferment. At most, the tariqa muhammadiya Sufis were capable of magical powers of a mundane sort, that helped burnish their credentials no end, but also shut off the possibility of true spiritual growth.

    It is the absence of these countervailing centers of spiritual authority to balance the ulema that has become a liability for the Islamic world. In addition to scholars, you need sadhus as well. As the Nyingmapa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism has so clearly demonstrated, householder sadhakas can become wholly illuminated, both men & women, and spiritually lead their flocks.Recommend

  • Rash
    Mar 27, 2011 - 3:48AM

    This is one of the most vocal and “say it as it is” article that I have come across in Pakistan press. It takes a lot of courage to pen one like this in these times. The analysis is precise and captures the essence of what’s happening around in Pakistan and around the hardcore Muslim world.

    The question is it too late for a course correction; guess time will answer that.Recommend

  • sundar
    Mar 27, 2011 - 3:52AM

    I have no clear idea about Islam. But when I hear comments saying Islam is a way of life, peaceful blah blah I am confused. When I look at the world right now, I see Islam as the most violent religion, followers most troublesome people on the face of earth. I do not know the whole concept is wrong or teachings in the book is wrong or simply misinterpreted by the majority of the community all over the world. Recommend

  • Z. P.
    Mar 27, 2011 - 5:03AM

    Khaled’s observation is not only true for Muslims but every single race and religion in the world. Take Indians for example, they killed 100 Kashmiris last summer but they kept brandishing those murdered as nothing more than militants and gun-totting terrorists and thereby absorbing themselves from any murder. They watched and ignored their policemen and security officers being killed by Maoist in record number but they would lecture Pakistan about terrorism. The same goes with Americans and Europeans. All these nations murder and kill others but only when their citizens were murdered, they would talk about human rights and terrorism. Muslims are not alone in being hypocrites or narcissists. Recommend

  • vasan
    Mar 27, 2011 - 6:04AM

    How many muslims/pakistanis are willing to read this entire article and comment. I am sure many will read the first few lines and give it a passRecommend

  • pmbm
    Mar 27, 2011 - 6:09AM

    A very interesting generalization about muslims. Where do such muslims live? How did the author and the writer conclude that all muslims believe this way? Any scientific stats? I as muslim do not believe that way, nor have I met any muslim believing as outlined by this article.
    Most importantly having read english translation of The Quran four times , I did not come across such teachings in it. That is the source of Islam not any idiot mullah. Nobody is preventing any muslim to learn from it.
    Of course no one individual can be responsible for acts of another. I am sure there are some idiots who believe this way. But what is their numbers out of 1.4 billion people who claim to be muslims.Recommend

  • Raja
    Mar 27, 2011 - 7:03AM

    Amazing!!strong text

    Mr.Ahmed’s key argument is that Muslims are narcissistic.

    The comments by Muslims here SIMPLY prove his point. strong text

    Same arguments. They repeat the same “mantras”
    This is not real Islam. The muslims are not relly following
    the Great Prophet, etc, etc.

    In other words same thing:
    Islam is Glorious.
    Real Muslims must be Glorious People!Recommend

  • Waquar
    Mar 27, 2011 - 7:09AM

    @ The compositors of the Tribune Express:
    Please note this for future articles, which have bullets / listed points.
    The article would have been much more legible if aligned flush left along the points as below:

    Islam is a complete code of life …
    Every edict of Islam is eternal …
    Islam is the only truth …
    Muslims are under obligation …
    Muslims are the foremost nation …
    Action taken to subjugate other civilisations is jihad …
    Violence is interpreted as jihad …
    Any deviation from the prevailing dogma is non-belief …
    The best knowledge is knowledge of religion …
    No one can become a scholar of Islam …

    This makes it so much more accessible visually for your readers.
    Please consider revising the layout above as this article will be likely archived,
    for future reference. Thank you. Recommend

  • iman qadir
    Mar 27, 2011 - 7:42AM

    Before we indulge in Islam and Muslim bashing it is important to know who is a Muslim.
    We may be bashing someone thinking he or she is a Muslim when in fact such a person is not a Muslim at all. A Muslim is not a name or an ethnic group. A Muslim is a person who obeys ALLAH s.w.t. in everything as shown by Rasulallah s.a.w. For example, Rasulallah s.a.w. said there is no Islam without salat and that salat is like the head in the body. We have to be honest and ask ourselves what is the percentage of Pakistanis making salat five times a day. Estimates are that it is no more than 10% of the total population. This means that 90% of Pakistan has failed the first test of Islam.
    We are not even talking about bribery and other types of haram in Pakistan. Out of the 10% that are making 5 times salat what is the percentage of Pakistanis whose income is haram and who are feeding haram to their children. So the question remains what kind of Muslims are we talking about and what kind of Islam are we bashing.
    ALLAH s.w.t.’s promise is with the practice of Islam not with the label of Islam
    If anyone wants to attack Islam, his fight is not against the Muslims. He is fighting against the Almighty and we should know that nobody wins that battle. Recommend

  • Ashwin
    Mar 27, 2011 - 8:13AM

    In my opinion all religions do preach on the similar lines through edicts.Interpretation is what leads to Wisdom or Stupidity.It is sad that most intellectuals of Islam have given up their space to the vested interested. What is the true meaning of Jihad ? who is a qualified Ulema or the wise one? Very wants to be supreme what is wrong with it ? has anybody addressed how it is going to be achieved? Lesser people always use higher concepts to spread superstitious beliefs based on their interests. Recommend

  • Vicram Singh
    Mar 27, 2011 - 8:23AM

    @Ashok: ” Does India need to invest in a combination of people to people contacts, plus nudge movements like the ‘Arya Samaj’ or Sikhism into Pakistan? This would cause a cultural transformation that just might be the answer.

    THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO BRING PEACE TO SOUTH ASIA. Needs to be done before Vatican steps in and messes up things further. Philosophies or theologies alien to the Indian sub-continent will ALWAYS cause conflicts. THIS IS THE SAD BUT SORRY TRUTH. Recommend

  • Truth Hurts
    Mar 27, 2011 - 9:01AM

    Great article….and a conclusion I came to years ago, after much research and help via professionals on how to deal with narcissists…particularly within my family. The overwhelming majority of professionals conclusion is to cut them out of your life. A narcissist will not change, because they will not see what they are and how they effect others around them…whether that be in personal or proefssional life. They are so focused on how they feel and how they appear to others they do not see how they tear their families and indeed NATION apart.

    It is absolutly hopeless to try to deal with a narcissist. They will do anything and everything to make you feel bad and look bad to spare their own shallow feelings. They really cannot see that no one wants to be around them…they feel they are truly the center of the universe. It is very frustrating and sickening. This is the main reason I see no hope for a better future for Pakistan.Recommend

  • arman khan
    Mar 27, 2011 - 9:22AM

    separate mosque & state,as long as religion is allowed to interfere in the affairs of the state, suicide bombings & fidayeen attacks will continue.Recommend

  • yousuf akthar
    Mar 27, 2011 - 9:24AM

    watch “The god delusion” of Richard dawkins on youtube or read it in book form.

    it’s a fascinating movie & book & considering the state our society is in ,it’s a must read for every pakistani.Recommend

  • Rahul Singh
    Mar 27, 2011 - 10:12AM

    Excellent piece by the author. Thank God it is written by a Muslim otherwise it would have been termed as a Hindus or Jews conspiracy to malign Islam. Mobarak Haider has very clearly given reasons why Islam is intrinsically incompatible to peace and harmony in modern times. Any religion which is based on the notion that it is superior to others, seriously requires a reform. I agree with @Ashok that some kind of reform movements like Arya Samaj in Hindu religion is badly needed in Islam. Religion should be concerned to our spiritual area only the movement it start dictating every aspect of our life it is dangerous. History teaches us that no other cause has brought more death than the word of god.Recommend

  • Subhash
    Mar 27, 2011 - 10:18AM

    Good article. I would go a step forward and pose the question ” How and why a religion is created and for whom?”
    and ” Are all tenets of a religion true at all times?”
    Will request for a learned debate w/o anyone going in a hyperbole. Recommend

  • tarek
    Mar 27, 2011 - 11:10AM

    Religious intolerance is but a minor problem. Having superiority complexes about one’s ideology is a common occurrence. Nationalism is considered a moral obligation by every state these days which is no different from the above. Plus, the writer seems to paint a general picture of all muslim forgetting that the entire phenomenon of Al-qaeda and the Taliban was funded by the west. The islamic literature propagating violent Jihad and supposedly based on syed qutb’s teaching were printed and written in American universities as part of the great game to teach USSR a lesson.
    It is delusional writers like these who are constantly painting an incorrect picture simply to get invited for overseas conferences. It is people like john and david who are drinking the cool aid, who think that it is justifiable to kill millions in Iraq and Afghanistan and then have the gall to say that it’s the muslims who are at fault.
    Tell me which islamic party actually has any say apart form the tribal areas? India’s biggest city is run by a hindu vigilante called Bal Thackeray.
    Plus India has a poverty of 43% compared to Pakistan’s 17%. India is already a failed state which has a history of terrorizing it’s own people in Kashmir, North East etc. 30% of India’s territory is being run by Naxals indirectly. Recommend

  • sabir farooq
    Mar 27, 2011 - 11:21AM

    @yousuf akthar:

    “the god delusion should be mandatory viewing throughout pakistan.It would lead to a much better,more peaceful society.Recommend

  • Vin
    Mar 27, 2011 - 11:51AM

    I have waited a lifetime to hear these words from a Muslim… Infact all non-muslims have become more Islamophobic for lack of “Liberal” muslims like Mr Khaled to stand and atleast admit these things… reform starts with first acknowledging the problem and then Acepting the mistake….. Both have been missing from the muslim community at large… I have always heard denials (Islam is Peace, Terrorsist are not Muslims, All muslims are not terrorists…etc etc) …

    Guys its still time, please save the world else you will end up radicalizing people from other faiths as well… Recommend

  • Sheikh Sarmad
    Mar 27, 2011 - 12:08PM

    we are witnessing the drowning of narcisus in the pond.Recommend

  • vasan
    Mar 27, 2011 - 12:21PM

    You missed the whole point in this article. This whole narcissism about the religion of Islam and the followers called Muslims. From time immemorial countries, nations and people have fought among themselves for women, money, land, power etc. But currently muslims take the cake for religious indoctrination leading to violence. Violence for other reasons do exist in the whole world including India, the west and Pakistan perpetrated by thieves, terrorists, govt, etc
    In the whole process of indoctrination, it is the muslim countries losing out in the development of human capital, Also in the name of religion, it is the muslims who create violence and troubles for their own countries and other countries. In India, maoists cause no troubles to anyone other than Indians.
    Pl dont quote wrong figures. If Pakistan has 17% poor people and India has 43% why is India not begging and Pakistan begging. If you think bal thackaray is running Mumbai, you are not aware of ground realities and living in imaginary world. If India is a failed state, why is whole world incl your dear friend China is queueing up here.Recommend

  • raza saleem
    Mar 27, 2011 - 12:39PM

    Dear Khalid Sahib! Are you speaking your own mind or just endorsing the psychoanylysis of another writer? It would have have been far better if you would have expressed your personal ideas. But perhaps, because of the fear of some one you took refuge behind some one else words and thats dilemma of the whole liberal left in Pakistan. For 60 years liberals are doing one thing in pakistan and that is ” defending themselves from being labelled as bai-deen”
    Now coming to the point, nothing new in psychoanylysis of your friend haider. All religions and groups suffer from them. I live in US and here various Christian sects especially evangelicans believe that they are the most truthful sect in the world and they will be the only one blessed with heaven, since they are actively involved in strengthing the state of Israel. Come on! Such weird psychology is everyware. Just read predictions of end of days from any religious text and you will come to know similar conclusions. The wars in the present day world are not for future but for the end of the future, where religious followers of every sect believe that they will be the final winners.
    I expected better from you Sir. Very disappointing.Recommend

  • In God We Trust
    Mar 27, 2011 - 1:19PM

    I heard from a learned Scholar that on two subjects every human consider him/herself as an expert:
    1.Medicine. 2. Religion.
    Little knowledge of anything is dangerous! A famous saying “Neem Hakeem khatra e jaan, Neem Mullah khatra e Eimaan! (Partial doctor is dangerous to health/life, partial scholar is a hazard to faith) Though looks counts a lot, but not just the looks! Although your passport may say religion so and so but if you are not practicing it you won’t know what is my religion?
    A man thought of having a picture of Lion drawn on his back as the artist started drawing it, the man yelled, what are you doing? I am drawing the teeth of the Lion!? Leave it and draw the rest!. Again, he yelled now what? I am drawing claws of the Lion!? Leave it and draw the rest! So my dear if you come across a Lion without Teeth and Claws would you call it a Lion or fear from it? Definitely not!!! Similarly, a Muslim with partial Islam will lack the support of God, what least he can do is that he remains careful that all his deeds during the 24 hours of the day, are they safely be termed Islamic. Here too we have resort to a Scholar, even a scholar must consult for his deeds another scholar.
    One thing we all must have noticed that even a common Muslim will always give a hearing to a non Muslim and would support if he needs one! That is also one of the reasons why All Muslims would not form a unity till Qiyamat! Recommend

  • Bambayya
    Mar 27, 2011 - 3:05PM

    @Z. P.:

    There was a report after all those killings of 100 so called youths from kashmir.. that they were drugged and also paid 300 Rs per day to throw stones. 300 Rs (Indian rupees my dear) to on an average to 500 youths per day ..for how many days i dont know may be months… i wont calculate… you can do your math i suppose … I think even you will put the same type of people from Baluchistan as Terrorist… so dont be such a hypocrate…. And a certain person was caught who obviously was a pakistan connection … the whole thing stopped like as if someone pressed a stop button… This Humanity and all you write about India is good for ppl who are illeterate and read only urdu papers.. and for the ppl who are taught that India opted for independance from Pakistan…Now most of them have access to the net and have now realised and are realising what all wrong was fed to them for all these years… it includes … Pakistani Education and the definition of your own Muslim Religion..and the so called Kafirs..Recommend

  • Iftikhar Firdous
    Mar 27, 2011 - 3:07PM

    Where is thy Eco?Recommend

  • aceleo
    Mar 27, 2011 - 3:13PM

    @tarek – dude if according to u india is a failed state , i am happy for her to be like that, at least we live in peace , and not blowing up each other on a daily basis.Recommend

  • Sister Act
    Mar 27, 2011 - 3:52PM

    @author Are you suggesting that the reasons why according to you (who is obviously superior to all other Muslims) Muslims are narcissists is due to Islamic beliefs? If so, the discussion here should be about believing in Islam or not. Suggesting Muslims should change their beliefs may be something you are able to do but clearly your conviction in it is tenuous so liable to change where the wind blows. Hence this entire discussion is shallow and spurious. Either a) Islam’s teaching is the truth but our hold of it is based on our whims and desires hence you should be calling for a return to the way of the Prophet SAW or b) it’s teaching is leading Muslims down the wrong path. Perhaps you are suggesting a third option ie ‘reform Islam’, then you have little understanding of Muslims’ conviction or why they are convinced, so who is the narcissist here?Recommend

  • Cautious
    Mar 27, 2011 - 5:35PM

    Nice article. Pakistan defines itself by it’s religion – which ultimately will be the undoing of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Makhan
    Mar 27, 2011 - 6:43PM

    I would only like you to read this book “Religion on The Rise: Islam in the Third Millennium” Recommend

  • Mar 27, 2011 - 7:00PM

    @A Thinker:
    I think a distinction needs to be drawn on the situation in Libya.
    Col Ghadaffi made it clear he would show no mercy to the rebels in Benghazi and other rebel-held cities….vowing to go from ‘house to house’.
    The end result of this mission of his would have been nothing less than a genocide…..of his fellow muslims. A despot like him would not think twice about visiting this on his own people. Remember Saddam and his ‘management’ of the Kurds and Marsh land Shias etc.
    I think the average Libyan (except maybe,those of the Qadaffi tribe) would be very grateful of this ‘western’ intervention.
    It is just their good luck that Libya is blessed with oil.Recommend

  • Rashid Hasnain Hasnain Qaisrani
    Mar 27, 2011 - 7:07PM

    How illiterate we literate are in hatred to religion that is very disappointing… Narcissistic are Personality Disorder not a religious disorder. We ought to ‘disgust religion’ on some other factors if brain confusion persists in our self. We should evaluate state of affairs without prejudice.People all over the globe have some narcissists of civilization on their national basis not on religious one.. But every one has liberty to opine…


    Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by an abnormal love of self, an exaggerated sense of superiority and importance, and a preoccupation with success and power. My question is to the writer of ”A civilisation of narcissists” to kill others is a narcissititic disorder?And Narcissism has basis ”to kill others….” wonderful research in psychology and medicine by u…
    And religion is necessary to condemn … on these baseless basis?Recommend

  • Musthaq Ahmed
    Mar 27, 2011 - 7:17PM

    @raza saleem:
    You seem not to have acquainted yourself with western enlightenment , which Mr Khalid Ahmed has in plenty. Just living in US is no better than living in Pakistan. You better get to know their history and laws that materially determine the life of their societies. This is not said in their praise. If you are enamored by christian sects in US you are not looking at big things. Such a myopic view is not rare among few obsessed Hindus and most of Pakistanis , just living there. It is worse than obsession with things American !Recommend

  • NB
    Mar 27, 2011 - 7:28PM

    Faith may be defined as an illogical belief in the occurence of the improbable.
    A man full of faith is simply one who has lost (or never had) the capacity for
    clear and realistic thought.Recommend

  • Kamran A.
    Mar 27, 2011 - 7:32PM

    It doesn’t surprise one anymore, the outpouring of unbridled acclaim for anyone who writes anything painting Islam and Muslims as the root of all that ails the world today at large. The writer of this article has gone through great effort to point out that he is merely summarizing someone else’s work, so he certainly is hedging his bets, in case there is any backlash. And the original work he cites is being cited as if it were a divine scripture in itself, to be digested by all as the true state of Muslim psyche. Could you please explain to me what in this piece is specific to Muslims alone and not human beings in general. Are Christians less prone to reacting when Christian populations are slaughtered by non Christians? Does it hold true for our Hindu friends? How vigorously has the world tried to solve the Palestine problem, that has been fueling the rise of violent jihadists among us for decades now? Without rehashing the self serving diabolical politics of the previous century, mostly engineered by the western powers can one really objectively understand the rise of the taliban and their ilk? To say that the Muslims as a community have some serious soul searching to do would be an understatement, but to imply that their inability to walk in step with the “modern” world is a curse somehow inherent to their faith is beyond unfair. Recommend

  • M Ali Khan
    Mar 27, 2011 - 9:27PM

    bahao khoon, dars-e-aam yeh hai
    mein kaafir hoon, agar Islam yeh haiRecommend

  • Akhtar Ali Khan
    Mar 27, 2011 - 9:33PM

    @Rashid Hasnain Hasnain Qaisrani:

    Your wrote: “Narcissistic ……. disorder is characterized by an abnormal love of self, an exaggerated sense of superiority and importance, and a preoccupation with success and power. ….”. Doesn’t it describe Islam and Muslims accurately? Since the advent of Islam, there has been nothing but killing and grab for power.

    Muslims, as individuals, and collectively have been killing other Muslims and non-Muslims on one pretext or the other. They are the one who call their ideology "peaceful," but can not tolerate dissent. Polygamy and Controlling women (including controlling their reproductive rights) is equated with equality of sexes.

    If this is not Narcissistic personality disorder (transmitted partly through close cousin marriages) then I wonder what exactly this is?

  • Ashok
    Mar 28, 2011 - 12:24AM


    Brother, I think comparing statistics alone here is futile. I understand what you mean to say, but think about it this way. If a person robs or steals or commits a crime that results in aggrandizement or an increase in personal fortune, does that justify the crime? Think about the Pakistan movement ethically. Islam didn’t originate in India. There were already plenty of Islamic religious states before Pakistan came into being. Hindus never went to other Islamic countries and plundered their wealth. So, if a large chunk of Indian land, with fertile soil with land and high resources per capita is taken away from India and renamed Pakistan, do statistics pointing at lower poverty rates in Pakistan (largely due to naturally higher resources per capita) justify the movement of Pakistan – which resulted in large scale human catastrophic events? Why did so many minorities who were indigenous to that land have to migrate when their only crime was having a name that sounded different from those who originated the movement of Pakistan?

    Yes India is not perfect, but its roots lie in a cultural legacy that stems from an ancient civilization. Pakistan’s foundation is ideological, not civilizational – think about what that means and why it drives people to act in ways injurious to themselves and others. People like Bal Thakeray are demagogues – in his case, he is famous for being famous, that’s it. He started his political career with an anti – Tamil migrants movement, and then drifted on to other platforms to increase his hold on power. He draws his political strength from local Marathi’s, who are insecure due to the large scale migration to their state from other states without any zoning or proper planning from the federal government, so indirectly, it is the poor planning of the government that allowed people like him to have some authority or power. Other than that, people in India by and large give little importance to people like him.

    Regards Recommend

  • Anwar
    Mar 28, 2011 - 2:00AM

    As a Pakistani Muslim my greatest threat is a Muslim. I have no fear of being killed by a Hindu, Christian or Jew. All the protection I take to protect my self is against a Muslim. In Pakistan All Muslims (except a few) who are killed are killed by Muslims. Such is the irony. Recommend

  • Joel
    Mar 28, 2011 - 2:58AM

    @A Thinker:

    Where to begin? Firstly, the Libya “invasion” was in response to the government and it’s mercenaries being let loose on its MUSLIM populace-i.e. Muslim on Muslim violence, like the author suggested. NATO is “destroying” the Libyan Air Force to protect Muslims.
    And because of oil interests, that makes it okay in Sudan and Iraq? What about in Pakistan? Is Muslim on Muslim violence prompted by oil interests too? What is your excuse for this. Or is it sectarian violence?
    The US aided Bosnia (Muslims) and Kosovo (Muslims) against Orthodoxy. Yes the USA acts like the world police whether they are needed or not.
    The only thing I agree with you is–the absence of a solution on Palestine. And the absence of an outcry in defense of the Palestinians. Where is the outrage from the world?
    Most of the silence stems from the Zionist media in the west. And the “Jews are the chosen people” attitude of Christians as well.
    Fundamental changes are needed for sure, but need to look at the bean in your own eye first. Recommend

  • A Thinker
    Mar 28, 2011 - 6:01AM


    Your understanding of the Libyan situation is based on the usual statements that official mouthpieces such as BBC, CNN and crazy news channels like FOX speak. Who appointed the west to play World Policeman? They themselves and that’s nothing but OIL greed disguised as the white man’s burden, both of which are obnoxious concepts.

    Saddam’s gas chambers pale out in comparison to Abu Gharib and to Uzbekistan President Islam’s coudrons boiling Muslims alive. Bu then news opinions are in the eye of the heavyweight channels. Recommend

  • ani
    Mar 28, 2011 - 9:23AM

    This article and the book (in Urdu) are courageous expressions of introspection and refelction. It is very difficult for Muslims to look at their history and themselves. The unsaid rule in conversations is to just agree with them. While everyone can discuss their history, culture, religion and leaders with an open mind, humility, pride and sense of humor, that is not the case with Muslims. As a rule always agree with the following:

    All Islam was spread through complete love and peace. Coercion in the form of taxes, threats and life was never used.
    Call Christ, Ram, Moses, Buddha by their names. But never…….. always Prophet.
    Study the great religious leaders – question, research and even disagree. But you only study to agree with……. always. Don’t even think otherwise no matter how respectful and well meaning you are.
    Laugh at your faith; ask questions of others’ but always accept that it was the last word, only word …….
    Many of today’s science and technology was actually discovered by men in the desert during the mediveal ages. These were stolen by whites. Never ever ask for proof of research. If you do then be satisfied with defense of proof by felllow Muslims only. Only they understand the ‘nuances’ of Arabic language.
    Never ask Muslims why they don’t speak up against killing of fellow muslims by their own. Or worse yet why they kills their own. It is a matter between ‘brothers’.
    Never ask Muslims for facts to support the many schemes and plots that their friends and ‘enemies’ are always indulging in. Because they just know. You don’t.
    Always accept the following equation and what follows: Islam = your faith. But because Islam is the last word, only it can remain.
    Wars and their outcomes were always in favor of muslim armies. If victorious it was right and only good followed. If defeated, your facts are wrong or there was a conspiracy.
    If non muslim marries muslim, the former converts not the other way around. Because….you should know that by now.

  • sudhir
    Mar 28, 2011 - 10:28AM

    @Rashid Hasnain Hasnain Qaisrani:
    So most of u muzzies are suffering from Narcissistic are Personality DisorderRecommend

  • Mar 28, 2011 - 11:25AM

    It is interesting how we Muslims can point to “those Muslims” as the demons and then sit back with the knowledge that we have done all we can! I suggest this very attitude of intellectual condemnation, combined with inaction, is what has brought Muslims to the sad state that we are at right now.

    Has anyone considered what could have been prevented if Muslims had put a stop to the plotting and the skullduggery against Bengalis by Bhutto, that brought down the liberation movement for Bangladesh?
    What could have been prevented if the people had protested when Bhutto allowed the proclamation that turned Ahmedis into “Kuffar” (God’s job, not Man’s).
    What could have been prevented if Zia had not been permitted to create “Islamic Courts” and if the Madressas for the Mujahideen had been stopped? The very madressas that created the massive cadres of juhala who have been trained into thinking they are God’s weapons of mindless vengeance against imaginary sins?

    I disagree with intellectual condemnations that have no action accompanying them.

    In the US, Muslims are suffering immense discrimination and persecution because Muslim-bashing is a very lucrative pursuit. Here in the N-W USA, we have been trying for four years to get 4000 Muslims to collaborate and vote as a bloc; it will change the climate of the entire country if we do. For four years, Muslims have failed to rally together, preferring to stay split along sectarian lines and exhorting extra prayers as the best solution to our miseries.
    InshaAllah, we will keep trying.

    My response to the excellent article by Mr. Khalid is for Muslims to DO something; don’t just curse the Dark, light a candle!Recommend

  • sudhir
    Mar 28, 2011 - 12:48PM

    Islam cannot survive freedom. The Quran cannot survive intense scrutiny and critical investigation. In this technological age, Islam’s days are numbered. Although they can hijack Western technology to use against the West, the foundations of Islam are rotten to the core and cannot stand
    Islam is increasingly seen as a political, militant ideology rather
    than a spiritual, peaceful faith.Its more of a cult than a religion.
    Islam did not permit dissent in the way other religions do and also
    it cannot withstand scrutiny and criticism. If you Leave it your life
    will be in danger from even your own dear onesRecommend

  • abhi
    Mar 28, 2011 - 2:10PM


    Only with 17 % poor people then you beg some much .and All world knows which is a failed state .Bal Thackeray do not send around world to kill people .This right is with Pak onlyRecommend

  • Khalid M
    Mar 28, 2011 - 2:44PM

    Irrelevant but; Express Tribune is a crap…. nowhere near the excellent standards of Herald Tribune. Recommend

  • Ik
    Mar 28, 2011 - 2:53PM

    Excellent article. Plz archive this article for the future generations.Recommend

  • IZ
    Mar 28, 2011 - 4:18PM

    What a terrible article. However it does help to reveal a crucial problem in our society not unrelated to what the author is writing about – the tendency to create all-encompassing, fanciful theories that are reductionist and simplistic (whether they have an Islamic colouring or not), based on little empirical evidence (and what there is, is irrationally cherry-picked and unscientifically used), which supposedly explain how the world works and forms the basis for programmes of action. When we live our lives according to, and understand the world through, fairy-tales, we dig deeper holes for ourselves. So what is this ‘Muslim Mind’ you speak of? 1.5 billion people with a group mind? What does ‘civilisationally inward-looking’ mean? What civilisation are you talking about anyway? Is there one big all-encompassing ‘Muslim’ civilisation that can be so authoritatively analysed? What nonsense!Recommend

  • abhinav
    Mar 28, 2011 - 4:57PM

    @Jafar Siddiqui

    You are wrongly blaming Bhutto for creation of Bangladesh. There was nothing wrong done by Pak Army or establishment, don’t get carried away by Indian propaganda.

    It was micheif created by Indian spy agency and whole western world supported it. This is the reason despite winning 71 war (Don’t you remember how Pak airforce had blown away Indian jets in to pieces over the sky of Dhaka). Our great friend China was not in good economic position then so couldn’t help much, but it waited for us before recognizing the B’desh as a country (My Allah bring more prosperity and power to China).

    Even people of Bangladesh were against its creation, most of them still remember our national anthem by heart and sing it whenever they get chance. Had it not been of back stabbing of America (the big satan), Pakistan wouldn’t be dismembered. Recommend

  • G. Din
    Mar 28, 2011 - 5:27PM

    “Faith may be defined as an illogical belief in the occurence of the improbable.
    A man full of faith is simply one who has lost (or never had) the capacity for
    clear and realistic thought….”

    Do not decry faith! Communists tried for close to 70 years; they were left in the dust. Atheists and agnostics (I presume you are one!) have existed side by side with the Believers and yet have to convince the latter that they are not mad. There is an unseen, unheard spark within the soul of every human being which tells him/her instinctively that there is far more to this Universe than highly myopic senses of a human being can grasp. Atheists and agnostics have lost that instinct or egoistically deny it!
    As far as “clear and realistic thought” goes, the clarity and the realism of thought is entirely based on the subjective perception of the reality, not the reality itself. What you see is “maya” in Hindu terms. “Maya” is your subjective perception – uniquely your own idea – of reality. The instruments with which you gauge “reality” are so flawed, so limited, so changing that you have absolutely no idea of the “reality”. Einstein summed it up by saying that “Time is the fourth dimension”. In other words, nothing can be defined by length, breadth and height alone; it also matters when you took those measurements.
    But, your ego will not allow you to admit that!Recommend

  • yenesei
    Mar 28, 2011 - 7:25PM

    This is from the rest.
    The non-Muslim community.
    We are here.
    We are not going away; and we will not change ourselves into you.
    We want Islam to be better in the name of humanity.
    We want an Islam that lives and lets live– an Islam that does not kill.
    We do not believe that we are asking for too much.Recommend

  • Tarun Agarwal
    Mar 28, 2011 - 10:50PM

    There are 2 aspects of the context of modern “religions”…..I explicitly used the word religion in quotes because I dont consider the Indian philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism or Jainism in the same context of say Abrahamic religions.

    Now coming back to our discussion, It remains no doubt to my mind that every religion in this world has gone to the following process:

    Its birth – the pure true form.
    Its corruption – the impure and voilent form
    Its reformation – back to the pure true form.

    Now these 3 points hold true for all the major religions of the world including Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism etc……….But IT DOES NOT HOLD TRUE FOR ISLAM.

    Anyone who is from any of the above Faiths – Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity as preached by Jesus, Judaism as by Moses will testify that their foundations of their faith rest on the following principles:-

    Ahimsa – or nonvoilence and non harming.
    Truth or Satya
    Renunciation or giving away – in other words Sacrifice
    Knowledge or Gnana to kill ignorance.
    Ideally the greatest messengers should be unmarried, chaste and clean.

    But in the case of Islam, the point No 1. does not hold true. Any person with a logical mind can read the Quran which is considered by Muslims to be the word of God can easily deduce in it atleast 60-75% of the book to be extremely voilent , Hypcritic, Partial……..and most of all contradictory.

    For example: Muslims consider Allah to be All-Merciful. But if you open the Quran and see you will see in Chapters 1,2,3,4,5 where Allah calls Non-believers to be Hypocratic and threating an Eternal fire many times.

    Not just that…….We all know what was the Moral Character of Mohammad. The man married as many as 9 times and the hadiths clearly state that Mohammad had a liking for women. And that he himself beheaded many people also does not help Islam.

    I hope this gets posted because Truth rarely gets posted out of fear.Recommend

  • Carl
    Mar 29, 2011 - 2:51AM

    “There is an unseen, unheard spark within the soul of every human being which tells him/her instinctively that there is far more to this Universe than highly myopic senses of a human being can grasp.”
    Yes, it’s called wishful thinking! Live your life according to reason, not faith. Religion is no more than adults still believing in children’s fairy tales…Recommend

  • pakpinoy
    Mar 29, 2011 - 3:28AM

    YOU are a living, breathing, in the flesh example of what Khaled Ahmed wrote about in his astute article! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the real life verification…

    You, my friend, are an absolute NARCISSIST! Congratulations! You won!Recommend

  • Norwegian Wolf
    Mar 29, 2011 - 4:26AM

    @arman khan:
    “separate mosque & state,as long as religion is allowed to interfere in the affairs of the state, suicide bombings & fidayeen attacks will continue”
    Not possible. because brain and mosque already separated.
    I’m sorry.Recommend

  • XX
    Mar 29, 2011 - 7:13AM

    When an American kills an American, they mind it just as much as when a non-American kills an American? Is that why they went berserk on 9/11 but don’t seem to care much about the fact that, what, over 11,000 Americans die each year of gun violence alone.
    I think this phenomenon basically applies (unfortunately, of course) to pretty much all kinds of people, not just Muslims.
    Thanks for that little bit propaganda though. Hope you’re well paid for it!Recommend

  • sameer
    Mar 29, 2011 - 9:27AM

    Khaled, your article resemble that of Orientalist who hate Islam so much that they were even willing to give incorrect fact or exaggarate.
    Around 1857, British considered Indian in general and Muslim in particular as the sub human not worthy of respect. They used to offer similar sort of argument like you are doing it in order to just their cruelty on Muslim. All of Islamophobe claim that Islam was spread by sword, but the history tells you something else i.e in all land under Muslim rule,there were at least significance number of Non Muslim whereas there were almost no Muslim left in land under non muslim rule. Reality is that these orientalist and Islamophobe represent actually epitome of narcissism

    Finally if someone is very ill, will you take him to the doctor or will you get treatment from a quack. If you go to doctor, then why do you expect me to learn my religion from quack rather than true scholarRecommend

  • shah
    Mar 29, 2011 - 10:21AM

    we are all talking about Muslims defects ,their intolerance, their weaknesses,their doings and then their failing to the mark of the new standards of so called free world . we are talking of Muslims being killed at the hands of Muslims but i m pretty sure they still haven’t crossed the number of the Americans or other westerns killing in the ww2,in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and the list is huge.why on earth are the making us stupid by propagating that their KILLING and FIGHTING is for PEACE.are they following islam as well .
    as rightfully discussed bu malik sahib in a discussion program they follow Islamic law of “diat” when its Raymond Davis
    i myself believe he who kills one human being (remember it doesn’t say one Muslim) kills the whole humanity
    so for that matter the term narcissist shouldn’t only be used for MuslimsRecommend

  • Truth Hurts
    Mar 29, 2011 - 11:23AM

    Oh this just keeps getting better…..as noted, people are writting in here to justify their narcissism. That is a narcissist behavior. There is always a reason that is not the persons fault for the way they act…lol lol

    A Truly nacissistic nation acting as true narcissists….it would be entertaining to read these comments if we did not have to deal with them all day everyday in every aspect of our lives in Pakistan. Instead it is just plain sad.

    A Nacissist will never change….because they are the center of the Universe and they are always right in their mind. Others are responsible for everything that goes wrong in their lives and they are alone responsible for thier sucesses. And of course Allah states all of this very very clearly in the Quran. But of course they will not understand that or see the wisdom of Allah’s words. To these people the Quran was written for other people, about other people who they label as they see fit.Recommend

  • A passerby
    Mar 29, 2011 - 6:12PM

    strong text I would like to point out certain things:
    1. “as other religions are jahiliyya”, the word Jahilliyya is arabia refers to an era of ignorance which was as everyone knows the idol worshipping time in Arabia before Islam. And as we all know there are three heavenly religions as described by the Quran; Judiasm, Christianity and Islam. However, there were some amendments to the precedent religions to Islam as we believe as they have included worshipping someone along with Allah and some texts were rewritten by people. That’s what we believe in not that they are ignorant. Furthermore, some religions consider a person as the founder and only one worthy of worship which contradicts our Islamic belief but trust me nothing in the Quran told us we should suppress because it is simply not going to do any benefit to us or to Allah (sobhano)!
    2. List item “the only one that will be allowed into Heaven”, this piece of info is wrong.
    Allah said the ppl who were only sure of the truth and rejected it will go to Helll. Doing any good in this life will surely be rewarded and we are not the ones who will judge whether a Jew or a Christian will go to Heaven or Hell, on the day of Judgement, every person will be judged for his actions. PPl who believed in Moses and Jesus before Islam were promised Heaven. Check your sources please.
    3. The list can go on forever, but last and not least the problem lies in the fact that ppl are in a continuous battle of who is right and who is wrong and who should be given authority in a country. The problem now in Pakistan is between civilians which are mostly Muslims but only a few years back there was no problem and they were all Muslims. Your attempt to blame Islam for this is a failure to me because it is not Islam’s fault ppl don’t understand it correctly! Recommend

  • pakpinoy
    Mar 30, 2011 - 3:01AM

    Don’t miss the main point of the article –> self-reflection and introspection…

    As he claims, Muslims, by and large, spend most of their time defending their position, their faith instead of owning up to the true realities staring them, and the rest of the world, in the mirror.

    Just as an American I have to own up to “general” assumptions made about us being arrogant, over-confident and haughty, you too, as a Muslim, have to accept that unlike people of most faiths, many millions of Muslims tolerate, support and actually do dreadful things in the name of religion.Recommend

  • Secular Pakistan
    Mar 30, 2011 - 11:56AM

    you can read the book through the following online link

  • Khan
    Mar 30, 2011 - 1:10PM

    @M M Malik:

    “Majority of the Muslims today are unknowingly Islam’s worst enemy”

    Malik, this is one of the most profound statements I have read for a long timeRecommend

  • A passerby
    Mar 31, 2011 - 2:37AM

    I think all Pakistanis should unite to end this regardless of the reason, it should stop. And I am sure, Islam will turn out to be innocent at the end! I think we as muslims have realised that we were lazy for long enough and we should start doing something!Recommend

  • mukhtiar
    Apr 2, 2011 - 8:58AM

    dear khalid well done . this is reflect of state religion . every where this is phenomenon even in cricket .in history game is a civilized form of hunting . but now here in even game and also every where hunting era . a excelent book of j howard moore survivials.. due to this book this state is in in jungle.Recommend

  • Salman Khan
    Apr 3, 2011 - 7:11PM

    I would like Indians to atleast force their government to release water in Channab river and stop making dams on rest of the Pakistani rivers. Giving back Kahsmir is a different story. By doing so Pakistanis will start considering that India is not working for their destruction and once there is a trust between India and Pakistan then every thing in this region will be fixed. Time has come for India to act as a elder brother and give back a few things to younger ones rather than bully and snatch things from them.Recommend

  • G. Din
    Apr 4, 2011 - 3:12AM

    “Yes, it’s called wishful thinking! Live your life according to reason, not faith. Religion is no more than adults still believing in children’s fairy tales…”
    Your power of “reason”, my friend, has about as much range as any of your other senses. It is not worthwhile to discuss metaphysics with a person with such a disability.
    As I said: “But, your ego will not allow you to admit that!”
    So, let us drop it!Recommend

  • G. Din
    Apr 4, 2011 - 3:32AM

    @Salman Khan:
    “I would like Indians to atleast force their government to release water in Channab river and stop making dams on rest of the Pakistani rivers. “
    We don’t force our government to do anything. If we are not satisfied, we just oust it. There are no such rivers as Indian or Pakistani rivers. But, tell us how can any one release more water than what is coming down the mountains. If you don’t believe that, you have an option to ask for data. Does constructing dams on Chenab violate Indus Water Treaty? If not, there is no reason for us to stop doing so! If so, take your case to World Bank which is a guarantor of the Treaty.

    “Time has come for India to act as a elder brother and give back a few things to younger ones rather than bully and snatch things from them….”
    Please do not suck up to us. We are not your elder brother; we are two equally sovereign countries fully entitled to pursue our national interests in an enlightened manner. There is nothing to give back because we did not “bully and snatch things from” you. If you believe we did that, you have every right to go to International Court or any world body to complain and seek redress. Have you done that? If so, with what results? You have lost every time you have taken your bitching to arbitration. Is it India’s fault that you either have no case or a weak case or you do not know how not to lose your case?Recommend

  • gt
    Apr 4, 2011 - 10:21AM

    Dear Khaled Saheb,

    I hope you read the comments generated by your essays. If so, pray compare the conclusions reached by Ramiz Raja, a “cricket expert” who writes for Cricinfo, and for Dawn:

    “Poor Umar Gul imploded, after Sehwag had roughed him up with a cyclone of shots. It was smart thinking from him to target Pakistan’s best bowler as it not only forced Afridi to pull back and defend but the burst dented Pakistan’s mind so badly that it put them in a reactionary mode.”

    with Shahzad Chaudhry, a retired Air Vice-Marshal with opinions and expertise about everything:

    “The IT hubs of Bengaluru worked overtime to provide Tendulkar the escape in the Decision Referral System (DRS) when he was actually plumb on an arm ball of Saeed Ajmal…..There are moments when even gods are at sea, and through every shred of their being seek an exemption from the agony of the moment — Tendulkar’s was a plight of such gods. He wanted out; someone, anyone please, remove him from under the yoke of a non-performing god. But, then, like in cricket of our younger days, we gave him six turns….Pakistan gave the match away to India; India did not win it.”

    This ties in exactly with the points you were trying to get across: the Procrustean bed occupied by a particular type of jaundiced mentality.

    It is however, alarming and disheartening to observe the deep roots this psychotic mentality has struck even in the highest echelons of the state: that they actually believe in their own fantasies. How sad that a former F-16 pilot, as the man is forever reminding us, could allow himself to believe that a DRS system approved by the ICC was under real-time manipulation by Indian software engineers? How does one make the syllogistic leap? Does this type of lethal idiocy govern the thought process of the strategic “thinkers” of Pakistan?

    This is the sort of writing that expresses the true inner feeling, and to an Indian, confirms that one is dealing with irreconcilable elements. It is either total destruction of this group or no other way, is what is being reinforced—– when the mask slips. So sad, when there is a universe of Khaled Sahebs, Fasi Zakas, Salman Sahebs, and others, whom we shall never get to meet because of these insane dogs.Recommend

  • Apr 4, 2011 - 12:27PM

    @G. Din:
    I am sorry, but your hypothesis is a load of rubbish! By being so simplsitic and dismissive of converts, you are showing your ignorance and your arrogance. Living in the US, I have had the honor of meeting MANY Muslim reverts and I have yet to find the “expedient” converts you speak of. You have no right to dismiss the faith or character or people you have no knowledge of and who could actually be your own forefathers!
    I am also curious to know if you know of ANY “original” Muslims throughout history and how you have chosen to define the same.Recommend

  • Apr 4, 2011 - 12:37PM

    @G. Din:
    Actually, under the Indus Waters Treaty, India has guaranteed a minimum flow of water into Pakistan, but this has not happened in decades, you should take time to read it.
    It is tragic that Pakistan’s corrupt leadership is too busy sucking the blood of Pakistanis to deal with stolen waters. Pakistan’s poor are too busy being distracted by jahil mullahs condemning people like Veena Malik and Asia begum to see how badly they are being treated and India is taking full advantage of a bad situation.Recommend

  • Obaid
    Apr 4, 2011 - 10:37PM

    @iman qadir:
    Brother, are you serious?
    Praying 5 times a day will make us a peaceful people?
    Problem is that for the last 1400+ years all we have done is pray 5 times a day.
    If we think rationally and try to use the brain Allah gave us 5 times a day the Ummah would be much better off.
    Rituals have not made us any better.
    We have become prejudiced against all other religions and blind against to our own faults.

    May Allah save us from ourselves.Recommend

  • Apr 5, 2011 - 12:01AM

    Very well said.. have you ever wondered why the “5 TIMES a DAY PRAYER or you go to HELL is NOT LISTED in the QURAN” if you do want to find this method of prayers you have to look at the JEWISH TALMUD and the timing you have to look towards TALMUD as well as the ZORASTRIAN RELIGIONS!!Recommend

  • Apr 7, 2011 - 9:12AM

    An interesting read for those who deny the facts presented in this article……

    Do Narcissists Know They Are Narcissists?


    “This may explain why narcissists behave in arrogant ways. Instead of compensating for some deep-seated insecurity, bragging may be their way of demanding the recognition they truly believe they deserve. Narcissists score up the wazoo in entitlement. As the researchers note, this idea is consistent with self-verification theory: “Narcissists believe that they are exceptional people and may behave in arrogant ways because they are attempting to bridge the gap between their self perceptions and their meta-perceptions.”

    The researchers also suggest it’s possible that narcissists maintain their self-image by misconstruing the meaning of narcissism. When told they are arrogant, instead of thinking they are “someone who is confident without merit,” they may take it as a compliment, thinking to themselves, “Well, duh I’m arrogant, if by that you mean ‘deservedly confident!'” As the researchers note, “Narcissists seem to choose honest arrogance when describing themselves and their reputation.” “Recommend

  • hari
    Apr 10, 2011 - 2:00PM

    I agree with this article, but applying the term Narcisstic to the people as a whole is highly excessive. There are a few who lose touch of reality due to their excessive involvement or even obsession with religion, but mostly these types spend their time in prayer,religious literature & the like. Militant religiosity as exemplified by violence or harmful intent towards people of other beliefs has very little supporters even with the highly religious. However, the actions/doings of such militants leaves a huge impact on the world. Which translates as negative impact on their co-religionists. The actions of a few don’t exemplify the average person on the street.Recommend

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