'CPEC to transform Pakistan into regional hub of socio-economic activities'

Published: April 8, 2017

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will allow Pakistan to become a hub of socio-economic activity between Asia, Central Asia and South Asia.

This was the crux of Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s address at the All Chambers and Associations seminar on CPEC at Gwadar, according to Radio Pakistan.

Iqbal said that inter and intra region connectivity provided by CPEC makes it a fate changer for the country.

He added that connectivity guarantees improved levels of trade, socioeconomic activity and general welfare.

The minister said that CPEC is a chance for Pakistan to grasp a large chunk of the jobs created by the venture. The surplus of unemployed labour could use this opportunity to find jobs through the mega project, he added.

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Iqbal said that CPEC would allow Pakistan to transform Pak-China geo-strategic relations into geo-economic relations which is an unprecedented achievement.

“Mega investments in the energy sector under CPEC has drastically increased Pakistan’s capacity to produce energy,” he added.

“I hope CPEC will materialise into a tool for inclusive growth and the people of Pakistan would develop in the process,” he said.

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