Musharraf’s party starts political activities

May 16, 2010


All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), party of former President Pervez Musharraf has started its political activities.

According to media reports, important decisions were taken in a meeting, presided over by Pervez Musharraf. The meeting held in London at the residence of Musharraf was attended by more than 50 people including Barrister Saif and Rashid Qureshi.

Addressing to the meeting, Musharraf said that Pakistan is facing severe challenges and PPP and PML-N failed to tackle crisis being faced by the country.

He said that the current challenges being faced by the country forced him to come into politics, adding there is a need to prefer the country’s interests over personal interests.

The former President said that he would return to Pakistan and to face the situation courageously, adding that he would participate in elections. Musharraf is expected to visit the United States on May 18.


ali | 11 years ago | Reply our country is in the midst of the worst crises ever.we as a nation are facing some of the deadliest issues of our history, our nation needs to regain a noble identity among the nations of the world. No more black sheeps are required to run our country. This region has its own values and traditions.We have to be wise and take all the stake holders along the way with us while running the matters of the region. Those elements which are said to be Extremists should be dealt with a more sensable approach The history shows that this region has become the graveyard of the biggest empires of the world.(the foriegn invaders) So no more foreign elements are required,As far as having a good forigen relations is concerned that is a compulsory approach, which needs to be refreshed in a way that the economic affairs would be the priority, and no compromise on the country's soverighnity..
Fasih Ali Khan | 12 years ago | Reply Welcome Sign for Pakistan Indeed. We are tired of the Looters Looting this Nation ruthlessly without getting any resistance.
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