War in Libya

Published: March 21, 2011

LAHORE: On March 20 another war has been imposed on the world. This is the same date when eight years ago Iraq was attacked by coalition forces to bring security for everyone. But this time the population is the people of Libya, using the same old absurd excuse of protecting people, eliminating dictatorships and bringing democracy to the country. The rest of the world has been told that the countries responsible of this assault have been kind enough to think about the welfare of Libyans and hence they will try their best to keep civil casualties as low as possible. It is hard to digest that countries that claim to be developed and civilised indulge in such violent and clearly uncivilised acts.

On behalf of Working Women Organisation and women workers in Pakistan who are already victims of the so-called war on terrorism, I express our deep distress and concern on the air strikes on Libya. Weapons and war never bring democracy and stability.

Aima Mahmood

Executive director, Working Women

Organization, Lahore

Published in The Express Tribune, March 22nd, 2011.

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