This Pakistani startup is making handcrafted MacBook sleeves and pads

Published: March 9, 2017
Markhor raised over 30% of its Kickstarter funding in just one day. PHOTO: MARKHOR

Markhor raised over 30% of its Kickstarter funding in just one day. PHOTO: MARKHOR

A Pakistani startup that rose to fame for its handcrafted leather shoes is now launching a new range of products designed for Apple MacBook laptops.

Markhor, which earned fame for its handcrafted footwear and went on to become the first Pakistani startup to be granted admission into the prestigious Y Combinator, is now returning to Kickstarter with the launch of its new product line featuring leather made carrying sleeves and pads for MacBook users.

“Our mission is to make tools for modern creatives while preserving the 1,800-year-old leather craftsmanship of sub-continent,” says Markhor.


Called the MacPad, the leather made desk pad is designed to provide MacBook users a surface that is personal, productive and elegant. “MacPad is designed for those who spend many hours in front of a large screen and work as a focal point, to assist in decluttering and enhance your workplace and productivity give users a comfortable typing and drawing experience.”

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The desk pad is handcrafted using the best quality material and comes in foldable and large configuration.


In addition to this, Markhor have also designed a carrying sleeve for the MacBook that features a minimalistic design and uses premium materials such as felted wool and leather making it durable and elegant.

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“Markhor Sleeve is designed on the philosophy of doing one thing well. It’s made of felted wool material which makes it a perfect lightweight, water resistant protector of your MacBook. The closure is made of leather with magnets for grip and back pocket allows you to carry additional iOS devices that you might want to take along.”


Markhor’s Kickstarter campaign, launched on Wednesday (today), has another 50 days to go and has so far raised $1,561 of its modest $5,000 goal with 22 backers.

The MacBook sleeve is now available on Kickstarter for $79 and will have a retail price of $95 once it is launched while the MacPad is available for $95 with an expected retail price of $125.

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