CIA leak shows how you can install Windows for free

The step-by-step guide to skip Windows 8 activation key is among the trove of documents leaked by WikiLeaks

Tech Desk March 08, 2017
The step by step guide was among the trove of documents leaked by WikiLeaks. PHOTO: REUTERS

The US premier spy agency, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), may have developed a pirate guide to skip product key activation on Windows 8, allowing it to use the software for free.

Anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks recently published a vast trove of documents which show CIA’s massive hacking arsenal used by the sleuths' wing to take control of target electronics.

WikiLeaks says the CIA can see your Whatsapp messages

The leaked documents also include a bypass for skipping Product Key Activation on Windows 8 allowing users to get the operating software for free.

The step-by-step guide shows how users can edit Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) to enable a skip button during the installation proccess.

WikiLeaks exposes alleged CIA hacking program

On March 7, WikiLeaks published documents that made mention of over 1,000 malware systems made by the spy agency which could turn TV into a listening device, control a car remotely and even bypass security barriers on popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

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utg | 3 years ago | Reply | Recommend this is pretty old hack, allowing people to crack even Windows XP. Microsoft has been aware of this but they deliberately left it in. As a result Windows is installed on 92% of the world's computers.
kamal | 3 years ago | Reply | Recommend There now seems to be only one solution. Boycott and delete all US originating software and companies. No MS, Oracle, IBM, HP, Yahoo, and another 500 key software. Boycott, delete and destroy all US originating chips and hardware/mobility sets which use them. No AMD, Motorola, INTEL, CISCO, Apple, and another 100 devices. Stop using all US originating services, Switch off facebook, internet, linkedin, Hotmail, gmail. etc. Go for totally disconnected hardware. OK, so you can't. Then accept US supremacy without question and give in. Even the great German and Japanese nations did. Spend the next 100 years educating yourself instead.
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