Comedian takes hilarious dig at India's idea of patriotism

Watch the video here. We dare you to hold back your laughter

News Desk March 03, 2017
Kunal Kamra, the Indian stand-up comedian. SCREENGRAB OF THE FB VIDEO

At a time when the Indian government is busy flaming propaganda against Pakistan on the basis of patriotism, a young man has posted his video on Facebook asking some really pertinent questions about the sham of democracy and nationalism in the country under Narendra Modi’s rule.

Kunal Kamra is a stand-up comedian and in his first video ever has managed to make people – Indians and Pakistanis alike – laugh out loud on the flaws of the Indian government's way of running the state and suppressing dissent.

“For every issue, the government comes up with the excuse of Siachen,” quips Kamra. “They have been using it as a coupon,” he adds sending his audience into a laughing spree.

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“Whenever you start evaluating the country and patriotism with logic, there is an old Indian uncle who just appears,” he comments rather humorously.

“The old man would say: ‘Our brave men are fighting in Siachen’. Oh! And it makes patriotism necessary.”

The comedian also shared how once he was standing in a queue for an ATM to withdraw cash following the Indian-notes ban, when another guy in the queue said: “Yaar, what a disgusting country we live in.” To which Kamra replied: “Come here with me. You are my brother. Let’s bit** about the country together.”

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Kamra criticises how in his country, which claims to be the largest democracy, raising questions against the government is considered anti-state.

The video is a must watch for all those suffering at the hands of the states’ inefficient and ineffective governance and the exploitation of patriotic sentiments to fool the masses.

Watch the video here. We dare you to hold back your laughter:



bluejay | 6 years ago | Reply Pakistani news media is today significantly ahead of India's. Norms are questioned, politicians and army are asked for rationale and there is much more balanced presentation than Indian media. Glad to see tide turning.
PiS | 6 years ago | Reply @rich Novelty? Go and look at 'hum sab umeed say hain' on YouTube. Pakistan channels have been making fun of politicians for last 17 years after cable channels came to Pakistan in 2000. On the other hand Indian media still tows Government's line. We all saw media hysteria over URI and the circus that came to town on Indian TV.
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