Why I want an iPad 2

Lets Face it: Apple products are in style. Having the iPad 2 is much cooler then having the Xoom.

Mohammad Khanani March 23, 2011
Why I want an iPad 2

Numerous new tablets are set to launch in the next few weeks alongside the iPad 2 and many are confident these will outsell the iPad 2. This is a common notion but this time, as with most of their devices, Apple has a few tricks up their sleeves:

It’s apple

Face it. There are millions of (rich) people who are die hard Apple fans and nothing can change their mind. These fans will flock to Apple stores in millions to pick up the iPad 2 on launch day. The only justification they need to buy a device is the Apple logo and thus better specs aren’t going to make them change their mind.

It’s simple and gets the job done

Most users of tablets just want the tablet to get the work done. They have no desire to customise the device. They want it for music, movies, internet browsing and basic work options and the iPad does these best. When you can get everything you need without going through any hassle then why look any other way ?

It’s not far behind

People have a common complaint that the iPad 2 isn’t as powerful as the competition. There are only a few devices that are more powerful than the iPad 2 and they won’t be coming out till the summer. The Xoom, Tab 10 and Flyer only have better cameras. The Processors are equally powerful, and resolutions are the same. Only the Flyer has a higher pixel density screen as the screen is smaller in size. The iPad 2 does lack a micro SD slot but if you need memory buy the 64 GB version as no other tablet allows you to have more memory than that even with a memory card installed (32GB built-in 32GB card).

Its where the apps are

People say the Android has sooo many apps. But those apps are for smartphones. Android currently has less than 100 Tablet Optimized apps while Apple has more then 10000. So if you want apps or games there is no option better then the iPad.

It’s cheap

You don’t get to say this often but the iPad is cheap compared to its competition. The iPad starts at $500 while the Xoom starts at $600 though the $600 edition won’t be available till the summer. For now, you can only get the $800 edition. And most other tablets will also be in the $700-$900 price range. So if you are on a tight budget and want a high end tablet, you don’t have any other choice.

It has accessories

You get more than 100,000 different cases for the iPhone. If you want a case of any sports team, band or country you’ll find it for an Apple product. People who enjoy modding the looks of their device will surely buy the iPad 2.

The software works

This is a very temporary reason but can prove to be very crucial. Android’s Honeycomb software is very buggy and many users are frustrated. Honeycomb is getting a lot of bad press and people are staying away from it. So until Google fixes its software, the iPad 2 is the choice for people who don’t want a buggy device.

It’s fashionable

Lets Face it: Apple products are in style. Having the iPad 2 is much cooler then having the Xoom. This will affect many people’s choices; primarily female users. Just ask yourself, what’s cooler, having an iPhone 4 or an HTC (High-Tech Corporation) Desire HD ?

It’s tried and tested

Android tablets have still not been tested properly and the Galaxy Tab, the only high-end Android tablet available for more than a month, has had mixed reviews. So anyone who is not fond of risks and wants a safe bet would much rather go for the iPad which has been around for a year and has been loved by millions.

Steve jobs unveiled it

When Steve Jobs went on medical leave many thought that his career with Apple was finally over and that he would not return. Many even thought that with Steve Jobs gone, Apple would lose that touch of innovation that has always been their key to success. But this old, sick, unhealthy man did not forget his fans and Apple loyalists and showed up at the iPad 2 launch and unveiled the device himself. This not only inspired many people to pre-order the iPad 2 but also affirmed that the iPad 2 was blessed by Steve Jobs, the man who has changed technology forever. Also with Steve Jobs’s days numbered, many feel this is one of the last great devices that will come from Apple and Apple fans wont miss the opportunity to own it.

While Apple may see a fall in its current market share, no other single tablet will be able to rake up mire sales than the iPad 2 even if they use a Samsung style strategy of releasing their tablet on virtually every network in the world.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 20th, 2011.


Asffend Aahmed | 13 years ago | Reply Price difference do exist b/w IPad 2 and its rivals. The most important is not the price, i think... Android is holding almost 80% of the Europe bcoz IPad has its own limitations. But it is more attractive than its rivals in look.. :)
Jane | 13 years ago | Reply I soooooooooooooo want an Ipad2!!!!!!! I have no money though! :(
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