Buying the iPhone 7 right now could be your worst mistake

Don't fall into the trap

Tech Desk March 02, 2017
Don't fall into the trap. PHOTO: AFP

Apple launched their flagship smartphones, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, in September last year and while many criticised it for lacking new features and innovation, the Cupertino giant ended up selling the highest number of iPhones ever in the last quarter of 2016. However, the glory of the iPhone 7 may prove to be short lived.

A recent report by The Wall Street Journal suggests that later this year, Apple will be launching a new 10th anniversary edition iPhone which is said to come with major upgrades over the current model.

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As per the report, the new iPhone is expected to feature a curved OLED panel, a first for Apple and an edge-to-edge bezel less display. The phone may also come with 3D sensors enabling facial recognition for security and access.

What’s more interesting is Apple may also abandon its trademark lightning connector in favour of a USB type C, essentially rendering the cords you use now, to power your phone or listen to music, entirely useless; leaving iPhone 7 users locked into an old format with dwindling support as lightning is an Apple-specific technology.

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The Cupertino giant is also expected to release two new smartphones in the ‘S’ category that will feature minor upgrades over the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The report, if it materialises, means that we may well see a new iPhone with major upgrades later this year.

So, those willing to buy a shiny new iPhone 7 now may just end up with a boring black slab when Apple launches a feature-stuffed new flagship.

As such, users considering to buy a new smartphone would be better off waiting a few month for the new device which is expected to come out in September this year.


Yarkin | 6 years ago | Reply @Seojin park: Bro, people love iPhone not just because of the features. In society, apple products aren't considered as "just another gadget", they are used by proud Apple consumers as a sign of wealth and/or status. Apple products are a reliable, well made and luxurious compared to other alternatives on the market. Comparing Android and Apple is similar to comparing a MVMT watch with a Rolex, same functions, features, and some models look similar but one costs 75-200 USD while another costs 2500-200000 USD. You see when you live among people, you understand the significance of appearing important.I suggest you, to get out of your cave where you silently fap on your android and become a normal human being that understands the total dominance of iPhone. Of course, I'm not saying that apple will be like that forever, yet right now and within next 5-6 years it will be the trend setter and the sign of social status, while all the other phones try to imitate the iPhone's design and OS. As I said Android and iPhone may have identical features but iPhone will always be the choice if you can afford it. Long story short: deal with it bruh...
Uzair | 7 years ago | Reply Remember when phone was used to call people only? Good times!
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