Young, shirtless Justin Trudeau breaks the internet

Oh, my.

Rida Lodhi March 02, 2017

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a leader we all want! Not just for his extremely sensible policies but also because he's extremely handsome!

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At 45, Trudeau has us all drooling over his rugged looks and stunning face, so we wondered, how would a 20-something years-old Justin Trudeau would look like?

And what we came across, blew our minds!

Here, we present, a young Justin Trudeau.

Bless my heart, and my eyes to witnessed such beauty.

Oh my, my.

No wonder people are going gaga over this handsome face!

Hair goals, anyone?

Comparisons were made, and I might agree to this.

Amen to this!

Young Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau together are just too much!

Justin Trudeau was, is and will always be the new bae.

You're welcome everyone.

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