Nicole Kidman might be a fine actor but her clap is seriously weird!

It's cringe worthy!

Entertainment Desk February 27, 2017

In the midst of all the mishaps, one thing has us fixated and we can not seem to move past it!

Nicole Kidman's clapping is the most awkward thing on the planet today!

Even more awkward than La La Land's two minute of fame on mistakenly named the Best Picture Award in the prestigious awards this year. See for yourself:

One would think there is not much that goes when you clap, and you possibly cannot look bizarre as you clap. But theĀ Lion actor managed to look quite awkward.

Just like us, it did not go unnoticed by Twitterati.

Here's how they reacted:

This uncanny resemblance:

We've all been here:

When someone schooled the actor just fine!

Possible source of inspiration?

If Oscars could have another award:

Honestly, why does it bother us so much?

This guy loved it!

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