Lana Del Rey's latest single will make you fall in love!

With her breathy vocals and sultry voice, we had no choice but to put the romantic number on repeat

Entertainment Desk February 20, 2017

Two years after her album, Honeymoon, Lana Del Rey is back with her latest single, Love.

The songstress' latest single, Love, was recently unboxed on Twitter when posters of the upcoming song were spotted in Los Angeles.

Lana, then, herself unveiled her upcoming song on her official Twitter account.

Style Icon: Singer Lana Del Rey

She posted:

"To begin with...all you need is 'Love' "

Now, that the song is finally out, we are totally in love with it! With her breathy vocals and sultry voice, we had no choice but to put the romantic number on repeat.

Listen to it here:

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