Will this burgerwala be the next Chaiwala?

Here's how Twitter reacted

Entertainment Desk February 20, 2017

You may have come across a picture of this burgerwala making rounds on social media, and rightly so.

According to Raza Mehdi, the lad Shah Fahad, who is apparently this attractive 18-year-old, who sells burgers in Ayoob Park in Rawalpindi contacted Mehdi and asked him to cast his magic and make him famous like the Chaiwala.

This chai wala is brewing more than a cup of tea

In a live session at Facebook, Raza revealed that Fahad contacted him through his Twitter account.

Raza shared, "He sent me his picture, which I tweeted, and I had no idea it will circulate this fast."

He went on to answering people's questions, as to why they couldn't locate Fahad at the Ayoob Park, to which he replied, "Fahad told me he quit. He said that he left his job at the burger stall to pursue his studies since he will soon be enrolling in grade 9."

Chai wala lands 'modeling contract'

"So, I asked him to go back to the park and record a message from his stall, and he did so. Even if he is telling half the truth, and does not work at a burger stall, why do we feel the need to criticise everything and everyone." asserted Raza.

You can watch the whole live video here:

Soon after the live chat, Burgerwala's video was posted by Raza, where he can be seen at the burger stall he used to work at.

Watch the video here:

As soon as the picture hit Twitter, it was soon circulated and everyone seemed to love him.


While one of the users saw this happening long time back:


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