5 fresh hidden WhatsApp features only power users know about

Replying to a specific message in a group chat is one of its useful features

Tech Desk February 20, 2017
Replying to a specific message in a group chat is one of its useful features. PHOTO: AFP

The world’s most popular messaging service, WhatsApp, has been rolling out timely updates making steady improvements to its messaging platform.

While the messaging app now has a number of new features such as video call and Giff support, there are other not so obvious ones that users may not be aware of.

Here's the list of 5 latest hidden WhatsApp features that you may find useful.

1. Reply to a specific message in a group chat

This new hidden feature now allows users to quote a particular message in a conversation. Users simple tap and hold on a particular line of text, and hit the backward arrow button that appears on top on Android (or tap ‘reply’ on an iPhone). Doing so allows the user to highlight the particular message they are replying to.

2. Find who has read your message in a group chat

WhatsApp does not make it obvious who exactly from a chat group has read your message as it does in a one-on-one conversation. However, there is any easy way to find out. Simply press and hold the message you have sent and hit the ‘i’ button on the top on Android (‘info’ on an iPhone). The app will then show all the people from the group who have read that particular message.

3. Listen to voice message discreetly

Some WhatsApp users primarily use the app for its voice messages feature. However, a problem with the feature is that the default setting makes voice messages play on the speakerphone which may be a problem when you’re in the vicinity of others. To listen to a message discretely, users simply play the voice message and put the phone next to their ear which would automatically play the message on the earpiece.

4. Direct a message to a particular user in a group

To alert a particular member in a chat group, simply add a @ sign followed by the users name and a message which would notify the user that they have been mentioned in a conversation.

5. Manipulate text for more emphasis

This feature has been around for a while now, though most WhatsApp users are still not aware of it. Users can add emphasis to a word in a message by applying different symbols before and after a word. An asterisk ( * ) would make the word appear in bold while adding underscores ( _ ) makes the text appear italicized. You can also strike off a word by using the tilde ( ~ ) symbols.

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