PSL 2017: Islamabad beat Peshawar by five wickets

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Abdul Majid February 18, 2017

Islamabad United on late Saturday beat Peshawar Zalmi by five wickets in Sharjah.

Islamabad, who opted to bowl first, were set a target of 137 by Peshawar.

Dwayne Smith (unbeaten 72 off 59) guided the victors to the finish line courtesy six boundaries and four maximums.

Over 18: ISL 118-4 (Target 137)

Two dots and a single from Wahab's over till now.

Over 17: ISL 117-4 (Target 137)

The equation comes down to 20 off 18.

SIX! Flat-batted over midwicket by Watson. That's out of the park!

SIX! After bowling wto wides on off, Junaid gives another full toss to Watson in the same area and gets punished.

Junaid to Watson... balls slips from bowler's hand and it's a wide, a big one!

CAUGHT at midwicket but again he can't be given out on a free hit. Smith survives yet again. Single taken.

OUT! Smith caught at deep cover. Umpires check for above-waist no-ball and third umpire says yes it was that. Bad luck for Peshawar. Good signs for Islamabad. FREE HIT!

Junaid Khan.

Over 16: ISL 99-4 (Target 137)

FOUR! Glanced towards square leg. Wahab giving away what he scored.

FOUR! Smith goes over Wahab's head.

Wahab to Watson. The match is on!

Over 15: ISL 88-4 (Target 137)

49 off 30 as time-out is taken!

FIFTY comes up for Dwayne Smith with a single. Great knock at the time of Islamabad's need.

FOUR! Watson taking some revenge for the Wahab over. Will he face him too? Wait for it...


Over 14: ISL 79-4 (Target 137)

DROPPED! Hasan over runs a catch at long on and Smith survives. Cherry on top, it's a FOUR.

Afridi for his last over.

Over 13: ISL 74-4 (Target 137)

Shane Watson join Smith.

OUT! Misbah tries to clear midwicket but finds Wahab.


Over 12: ISL 71-3 (Target 137)

FOUR! Smith goes towards midwicket.


Over 11: ISL 62-3 (Target 137)

FOUR! Extra cover this time by Smith.

SIX! Length and slammed over midwicket by Smith.

FOUR! Slammed past mid-off by Smith.

Junaid Khan.

Over 10: ISL 48-3 (Target 137)

Only three off it.


Over 9: ISL 45-3 (Target 137)

Misbahul Haq joins Smith in the middle.

BOWLED! Sam Billings' toe-edge guides the ball towards stumps.

FOUR! Billing charges forward and spanks it towards extra cover.


Over 8: ISL 41-2 (Target 137)

SIX! Over midwicket by Smith.

Shahid Afridi.

Over 7: ISL 32-2 (Target 137)

SIX! Smith finds the middle.


Over 6: ISL 23-2 (Target 137)

Wahab Riaz into the attack. Only two off his over.

Over 5: ISL 21-2 (Target 137)

Three off his over too.

Hasan Ali.

Over 4: ISL 18-2 (Target 137)

Three off it.

Shakibal Hasan now with some spin.

Over 3: ISL 15-2 (Target 137)

LBW! Haddin departs without causing trouble. Misbahul Haq joins Dwayne Smith.

Hasan again.

Over 2: ISL 13-1 (Target 137)

CAUGHT BEHIND! Easy catch for Akmal and Rafatullah's cameo ends.

SIX and FOUR! Rafatullah Mohmand showing why he is still playing cricket, at this age.

Junaid Khan.

Over 1: ISL 2-0 (Target 137)

Hasan impressive till now with his out-swingers. Rafatullah and Dwayne Smith both beaten on occasions.

Dwayne Smith to open the chase with Sharjeel Khan's official replacement Rafatullah Mohmand. Hasan Ali to bowl the first over for Peshawar.

Over 20: PZ 136-9

Peshawar did get something back courtesy Afridi's two biggies and Wahab's 21-run over off Watson. Will it be a walk in the park for Islamabad or Peshawar are ready to bring some drama to Sharjah?

Dot and a single follow. Last ball... only one off it.

BOWLED! Sami rattles Wahab's stumps.

Wahab faces... hits it back to Sami, dot.

OUT! Afridi mistimes it and it rises up, mid-off places himself under it and takes it. That's the end of the BOOM BOOM show!

Sami in for the finale!

Over 19: PZ 134-7

Afridi to face the last ball... only one off it. Lala to face the last over.

Wahab lobs it in the air on the fifth but it lands in no-man's land.

Rumman Raees bowls four dots to Wahab in the penultimate over.

Over 18: PZ 132-7

Single to end the over. What a contest, obviously Watto lost this one.

A double. Wahab to face the last ball as well; 20 off it already.

FOURx3! Wahab's luck favouring him against his 2015 World Cup nemesis. PZ are in for a substantial total now.

SIX! Slammed over extra cover by Wahab.

Wahab to face Watson. What a sight!

Over 17: PZ 111-7

OUT! Slow ball, Sammy waits and hits but couldn't clear long on. Wahab Riaz joins Afridi.

Rumman Raees.

Over 16: PZ 108-6

SIXx2! Over square leg and another big one over midwicket. Afridi finding the middle of his bat.

FOUR! Sammy goes wide of mid-on.

Mohammad Sami.

Over 15: PZ 88-6

FOURx2! Sammy starting to show his hitting prowess. PZ will need more of that from him, and from Afridi too!


Over 14: PZ 78-6

OUT! Morgan (28) tries his reverse sweep but the fielder is placed perfectly to bag it. Well, with that it's BOOM BOOM time in Sharjah. Afridi joins Sammy in the middle! Former and current PZ captains to the rescue.

Shadab Khan.

Over 13: PZ 77-5

FOUR! Morgan once again. Apart from him, everyone from PZ has struggled till now.

Amad Butt.

Over 12: PZ 70-5

Only three off the over.

Shadab Khan.

Over 11: PZ 67-5

Two runs and a wicket off the over.

OUT! Shakibal Hasan caught by Sami. PZ captain Darren Sammy joins Morgan.

Amad Butt now.

Over 10: PZ 65-4

Four runs off it.

Shane Watson.

Over 9: PZ 61-4

Fifteen runs off the over.

FOUR! Morgan tries to keep the scoreboard ticking while PZ lose batsmen.

Shadab Khan.

Over 8: PZ 46-4

One run and a wicket off the over. Good over from Sami.

CAUGHT AND BOWL! Sami dismisses Sohaib Maqsood for a duck.

Sami. Pace.

Over 7: PZ 45-3

LBW! Shadab troubled Kamran and gets the result.

SIX! Flat over cow corner by Morgan.

Shadab Khan with his right-arm leg-spin.

Over 6: PZ 38-2

FOUR! Leggish and Kamran guides it past short fine leg.

FOUR! Morgan comes on the field and finds the fence.


Over 5: PZ 28-2

OUT! Hafeez's lean patch stretches. Caught at mid-on by Misbah.

FOUR! Edge and first slip is unable to reach it. Hafeez survives!


Over 4: PZ 21-1

OUT! Tamim tries to go over mid-on but gifts a catch to Misbah.

Rumman Raees, the left-armer now.

Over 3: PZ 17-0

Kamran tries to pull another short ball and gets hit on the helmet. Haddin asks if he is alright, Kami gives a thumbs up!

FOUR! Short, pulled by Kamran and it flies over keeper's head.

FOUR! Kamran Akmal goes over bowler's head.


Over 2: PZ 7-0

Goes for only three.

Mohammad Sami.

Over 1: PZ 4-0

Good start from Irfan, only four off it.

Kamran Akmal to open the innings with Tamim Iqbal. Meanwhile, Mohammad Irfan will bowl the first over for Islamabad.

Islamabad win toss and opt to bowl first, as all teams have done due to the dew factor which comes on later in the match.


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