Lahore district govt website defaced by 'Indian hackers'

Hacker group IND 3MB3R claims responsibility for attack

Tech Desk February 14, 2017

The web portal of Lahore district government was allegedly hacked on Tuesday by Indian hackers.

"Pakistani kids keep distance from Indian server. It's payback for hacking Indian sites," a message on the website read.

The attack which came in retaliation to alleged Pakistani hackers targeting Indian websites, was carried out by a hacker group called IND 3MB3R.

The Lahore district website now shows an image of a sadhu followed by an Indian Army insignia.

Indian and Pakistani hackers have been constantly hacking into eachother's websites. Last month, the web portal of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Right to Information (RTI) Commission was allegedly hacked by Indian hackers. The cyber attack came a day after hackers defaced India’s elite National Security Guard’s website and left anti-India messages.

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