The Europeans In India - illustrations of the life Europeans led in the subcontinent

The European In India collection illustrates the extravagant lifestyle led by the Englishmen

News Desk February 14, 2017
“An Indian servant holds a straight razor in his mouth while he prepares the shaving foam for his British master.”

European rule was one of the most significant periods in the history of the subcontinent - from the days of the East India Company to the British Raj, its fall, and the subsequent partition of the territory into India and Pakistan.

A 'new' collection of drawings harkening back to the sights of that era has recently been issued. "The Europeans In India", originally published in 1813 and curated by Charles Doyley,  illustrate the extravagant lifestyles led by foreign rulers in the subcontinent and the treatment of Indians in the British era.

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1. An Indian can be seen washing the feet of a young Englishman.

“An Indian servant washes the feet of his European master.”


2. An Indian servant looks on while his European master smokes a hookah.

“An Indian servant watches his European master smoking a hookah.”

3. An Indian servant can be seen reading to a young European smoking hookah.

3. “A young European leans back in his chair and takes a drag on his hookah while his Indian servant reads to him.”

4. The drawing shows an Indian servant holding a razor in his mouth.

“An Indian servant holds a straight razor in his mouth while he prepares the shaving foam for his British master.”


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5. A local dancer performs while the European men look on.

“A group of British men in India watch a performance by a local dancer.”


6. An Indian nanny looks after a young British child.



7. An Indian tailor taking instructions from a British woman.


8. Indian snake charmers put on a show for a European couple.

“A saumpareeah, or snake-catcher, exhibiting snakes before Europeans.”

9. Europeans dine while a young Indian boy pulls cord on a ceiling fan.

A young Indian servant pulls continuously on a cord attached to a large ceiling fan, in order to cool the room while his master eats dinner.”


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