Man throws iPhone 7 off world's tallest building

Ukrainian video blogger wants to see how robust the smartphone actually is when put to the ultimate test

News Desk February 12, 2017
Screen grab

A Ukrainian video blogger has thrown his iPhone 7 Plus from the world’s tallest building to see how robust the smartphone actually is when put to the ultimate test.

YouTube user TechRax shared his latest video on Wednesday in which he is seen on the top floor of the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai and tosses his phone off the observation deck, according to Time magazine.

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He later headed down to tried to find where it actually fell, unsurprisingly he is unable to track its location.

After finding the phone in a derelict state he says, ‘’This thing is fried.’’

He went on to say, ''It is just completely destroyed and the impact hit it to the point where I cannot track it.’’

The article originally appeared on Time